A Closer Look At Harvest Moon’s Growing Sales In Recent Years

By Ishaan . March 7, 2014 . 10:02am

Last week, Marvelous AQL released Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land on the Nintendo 3DS, and the game sold 130,782 copies in its first week, marking the best debut of any Harvest Moon game to date, according to sales tracker Media Create.


Media Create also report that the game sold through 73.07% of its shipment, which is a solid sell-through figure. One hopes that Marvelous will be able to keep up with demand, as a number of Nintendo 3DS games have suffered from retail shortages in the past.


Additionally, Media Create also provide some projections for the game’s long-term sales. 2010’s Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns sold 63,610 copies at launch, and went on to sell 253,000 copies in the long run. Meanwhile, 2012’s Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (3DS) sold 81,131 copies at launch, and went on to sell 280,000 copies.


The trend indicates that, thus far, accumulated sales of Harvest Moon games end up being around 200,000 copies in addition to launch sales. If the trend holds up, Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land could cross 300,000 copies in sales.


Below is a chart that compares launch sales of the Harvest Moon games in Japan since 2005. As you can see, both the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games have seen steady growth in the last few years.


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  • landlock

    It looks like they came out to often on the DS and that effected the sales.

    • I could agree with this. I mean, we got, what… DS, Cute, Island, Sunshine, Bazaar, and then Tale of Two Towns? And then three Rune Factory games? That’s a lot of Harvest Moon games for one system!

      But I’m glad to see the series is only going uphill, so far. Looking so forward to New Land.

    • Even though I enjoyed having all those titles come out and all, it was a lot. And pretty close together at times (for good reason, but still).

  • As a question, do the Tale of Two Towns sales reflect the DS and 3DS versions combined, or just the DS version?

    • Za23

      Japan never got the 3DS version of Tale of Two Towns, so the numbers should only be for the DS version.

    • Tale of Two Towns only had a DS version in Japan. I believe the 3DS version was only made for the west. The sales in the chart are from the DS version in Japan.

      • Anna Marie Privitere

        Despite the disclaimers, it looks like the English box art and Japanese sales figures are a little confusing.

        • Actually I genuinely didn’t know that ToTT 3D never came out in Japan. I learned something new today!

        • Ah. Yeah, I can see how that may be a problem…

      • That would explain it. I never knew that Japan never got the 3DS version of it. Kinda explains why there were as many problems as there were for it.

  • Masa

    wonder when us in Europe will get the next game, hopefully before 2018, xD.
    Remember how long it took to get the last one? Really regret not importing a US 3DS.

  • ManSizeSextet

    Should be interesting to see if this will top Island of Happiness which was the one DS Harvest Moon that crossed 300k. I didn’t even realise A New Beginning came so close.

  • Mipu829

    I really want this game, but it’s not available on the eshop on my Japanese 3DS… (T___T)

  • Chim_era

    It seems like such a long time. I played HM GBC when I was 12 I guess, and I totally loved it and spend a whole vacation in the sun glued to the screen. And it wasn’t the pretty version either. I played every game since and I love the way the series is going, although I missed my own bazaar in the latest game.

    HM still has a lot of room for innovations outside of adding animals. My dream is that the 3DS games combine the gamecube/Wii games with the recent games. I always prefered the handheld games put there were some details I loved in the console versions.

    Now I’m just waiting for this game to be localised. I wonder who will release it. Maybe Rising Star again after not releasing ANB, although I kinda doudt it.
    But maybe I don’t think hometown story worked out the way they wanted, so perhaps they want a established series again.

  • Hunam85

    I hope this means the games are back on track. I was a huge Harvest Moon fan and put so much time into the SNES original, Friends of Mineral Town and A Wonderful Life. But DS and Magical Melody whilst fun games just didn’t push forward in any meaningful ways and I got tired of the concept. Even Rune Factory Frontier only grabbed me for 20 or so hours.

    I just felt that each game had a nice innovation, but that would not make it to the next title, so you just got into a situation where you knew there was a great HM game, but you had to put it together in your mind.

    • katamari damacy

      I’ve found that the games have lacked the same charm and memorable characters from HM64, Friends of Mineral Town, and A Wonderful Life in the newer iterations. The newer games feel like a random assortment of individuals were placed into a blender and poured into a rural town just so the PC has NPCs to interact with. Didn’t feel like a cohesive town at all.

  • katamari damacy

    Harvest Moon DS was awesome. I think it was basically the GBA friends of mineral town but better. Sad it didn’t sell even more.
    The crappy Harvest Moon titles like Island of Happiness, Grand Bazaar, and Tale of Two Towns shouldn’t have sold that well.
    If they remake Harvest Moon 64 now, I wonder how much that would sell.

    • RocKM001 .

      Harvest Moon DS’s sales was reduced because of the fact that the early releases actually had a fair few bugs which were never completely fixed on later prints.

      The major one’s literally stopped you from marrying/dating the goddess and witch because of a bug w/ the game counters

  • Audie Bakerson

    I bet DS cute sold a MUCH smaller fraction in the west compared to DS with how butchered it was.

  • Serge

    Will Forbidden Magna eventually appear in that chart?

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