Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Trailer Reminds Us The Game Is Still Coming

By Ishaan . May 6, 2014 . 10:59am

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is coming to PlayStation 3 in America and Europe this Summer, and Tecmo Koei—who are publishing the game in Europe—shared a trailer for it this morning. You can view it below.



Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn will include over 120 mobile suits to play as, which is the most in the series so far. Some of the series included in the game are:


  • Mobile Suit Gundam (Movie)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Movie)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny


Bandai Namco will publish Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn in America as a downloadable title. Meanwhile, in Europe, the game will see a physical release, courtesy of Tecmo Koei.

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  • Jungo

    Can’t wait! … well, actually, yes, I can wait. I’ve already waited months and months, a few more weeks won’t hurt anyone.

    • Masa

      Be prepared to be disappointed, its getting terrible reviews, most common problem is lack of good content and very lazy, framerate problems, glitches and huge slowdown.

      • Jungo

        Bah, screw them, I know what I want and I know what I’m getting.

      • greeeed

        actually it’s good game

        don’t to mention it have many official route unlink other version (about six official route )

        and one none official route ( like 1-2-3)

        don’t to mention it have a lot more gundam than older version and it used 2 map style instead of 3 map style

        (3 = lazy map style)

        glitches = that why we have patch

        framerate and huge slowdown -> it was not huge problem than again I have digital version

        • Kari

          Correction: It’s not to mention… NOT don’t to mention…

      • Lynx

        -most common problem is lack of good content

        Considering they brought back massive amounts of stuff from 2, plus the new additions, I don’t see how its lacking.

        -framerate problems, glitches and huge slowdown.

        Not on my Japanese copy.

        • So just to clarify is it worth it if you’re even remotely a Gundam/Robots and or DW fan?
          3 disappointed me greatly so I’m kinda sceptic

          • Lynx

            Way better than 3.

            So yeah, as long as you know what you’re getting into.

        • DivinePhoenix69

          I did hear that the Vita version suprisingly runs alot smoother than the PS3 version, with barely any drops in framerate aside from very rare instances.

          • Thatguy

            And that’s why West won’t get Vita version.

      • Serephitus

        i bought the asia version earlier this yr, its not horrible, but its not great either

        i’m a huge gundam fan though, will throw money at any gundam game that gets released

      • $1392518


        Anyone who remotely cares about Koei’sWarriors gives no shit on what reviewers say.

        It plays, feels, runs, and looks better than 3.
        and I havent played a (console) game in the last 3 years that has none of those problems.

        I’ll be honestly surprised if something did come out that doesn’t dip in frames, have glitches here and there, and generally won’t have me call out the bullshit padding I need to do.


        • Masa

          the bad reviews are from Japan not the EU/US…..which is kinda unusual for one of these games.

  • eilegz

    as usual why digital only america sigh :(

    • landlock

      i’m guessing No dub, subs only = seem to usually mean a digital release in the US.

      • $1392518

        With Jojo having a limited Physical release despite being subbed only, it usually not the only reason for that now.

        With __ Warriors games being as niche as over here stateside, and as well the gundam series, it wouldn’t surprise if they tried to cut corners in a small market.

        Kinda wish we had the same love for TK as the Europeans

    • darke

      “As usual”? Isn’t it ‘usually’ the europeans whining about no physical release? I’ve only noticed a couple of times it’s been around the other way. :?

  • Spirit Macardi

    Kind of hope that this Tecmo Koei X Studio Sunrise thing continues, because I desperately want Keroro Musou x3

    That’s a title where I wouldn’t care if it didn’t have an English voice track, since it’s the only anime I choose to watch subbed.

  • Vesperion

    I swear America and Europe take turns with digital and retail releases

  • Thelastgunstar

    I’m going to miss DWG3’s art style, but I’m glad they’re moving away from it’s gameplay style.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Just a reminder that we only ever get the mediocre Gundam games. Quit torturing me Bandai/Sunrise. You already ripped my heart out enough when you announced Turn A Gundam for Release in the west for 2 whole years and then said not a word and quietly cancelled it. A sub-only release would’ve been just fine!

    • Spirit Macardi

      It’s not that they chose to cancel it, rather Bandai Entertainment was entirely shut down. It hit me hard too, since they planned to localize Star Driver as well…

      And it wasn’t due to piracy like many claimed. It was actually because BN was tired of making money off a niche audience.

    • Domii

      This is what I been saying for years. We always get the crappy ones.

  • KazukiNanbu

    I want it!!! i didn’t have the chance to play DWG3 but i’m not going to let this game get away!

  • Isamu Daison

    Looks like I’ll be importing the EU version. When will KT ever learn. Even with a 500gb HDD you eventually run out if u buy a lot of digital games! We got shafted the same way with DBZ: The Battle of Z for the PSVITA!

    • landlock

      Hope you have a euro account there is bound to be loads and loads of DLC.

      • Isamu Daison

        Not that many DLC. I have a NA, EU, & HK psn acct and there’s just 3 out so far in Japan!

  • Earthjolly

    This game is coming here??!?!?

    • shuyai

      why so surprise? all dynasty warrior Gundam made it so far

      • Earthjolly

        Wasn’t even aware of it

  • Domii

    As cool as this looks. I’m still bitter that Namco never brought Gundam unicorn to the states. That game looked phenomenal.

  • Evil-Antho

    I’m seriously only waiting for this game for the chance of playing as BIG ZAM!!!XD

  • Thank you Namco Bandai! I don’t care if it’s digital only. I bought Zone of the Enders to satisfy my mecha itch, but I really just wanna pilot a god damn Gundam.

  • Nhazul


  • =[ I wants it but I’ve got too much to play, I still need to finish Gundam breaker.

    I’ll probably wait for it to drop a bit

  • Sav

    just give a damn date already.

    i’m guessing late july or august.

  • Aristides

    Wasn’t Europe getting the Vita Version as well? @[email protected] that trailer was awesome BTW.

  • Kai2591

    Nice trailer.
    I’m getting pumped up for Gundam again after a long while thanks to Build Fighters :)

    Though I hope this ones come out on PC too XD

  • Joshelplex

    They’ve show this same trailer, this exact trailer, like 4 times already. Jesus Koei, be less lazy. It doesn’t even have gameplay.

  • fearlubu

    If only the vita version was coming to the west too…

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