This Week In Sales: Senran Kagura 2 Makes Its Debut

By Ishaan . August 13, 2014 . 9:00am

Period: The week of August 4th – August 10th (2014)

Top-seller: Yo-kai Watch 2 (3DS) – 143,777

Nintendo 3DS sales: 7,873 | Total sales: 9,566,606

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 31,740 | Total sales: 6,405,073

PlayStation Vita sales: 17,084 | Total sales: 3,021,614

Vita TV sales: 1,344 | 131,961

Wii U sales: 13,598 | Total sales: 1,871,750

PlayStation 4 sales: 5,470 | 658,847

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Last week, Marvelous Senran Kagura 2 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and the game sold 46,494 copies in its first week. The game saw the lowest opening of any Senran Kagura title to date, and this could be for a variety of reasons.


First, though, let’s take a look at how the rest of the series has performed. Below are the first-week sales figures for the three previous Senran Kagura games:


Senran Kagura (3DS) – 52,206

Senran Kagura Burst (3DS) – 69,084

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (PSV) – 94,324


Not exactly a performance to write home about for Senran Kagura 2, although the circumstances surrounding this game’s release are quite different from those of Senran Kagura Burst and Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Both of those games were released during weeks that the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita saw their respective price cuts, which no doubt enticed quite a few new owners to pick both up.


In addition, Shinovi Versus also launched shortly after the Senran Kagura anime had begun to air in Japan and increased the series’ exposure in that territory greatly, making for the perfect time to release the game. Since the anime aired over a year ago, naturally excitement around the franchise isn’t as high as it was in early 2013.


Finally, Senran Kagura 2 is also priced higher than both previous Senran Kagura games on the 3DS. While the original Senran Kagura and Senran Kagura Burst cost 5,980 yen each, Senran Kagura 2 costs 6,480 yen, putting it in the price range of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (6,980 yen). Coupled with the fact that the game is much more simplistic than Shinovi Versus—which is a 4-player Dynasty Warriors-esque affair with twice as many characters—this could have affected sales as well.


What Senran Kagura’s future holds remains to be seen. The next game in the series, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, is slated for release at some point in the future. Given the “Versus” in the title, it sounds as though that game will be more along the lines of Shinovi Versus’ 4-player action, which could play a role in how much it sells. Of course, the development budget for those games is likely higher than the numbered Senran Kagura titles as well.


In other news, Yo-kai Watch 2 has crossed the 2 million mark at retail. Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 launched at 81,584 copies sold while Ultra Street Fighter IV debuted at 42,327 copies sold.


Further down the list was Nippon Ichi’s Shin Hayarigami, which sold 12,585 copies on Vita and 5,745 copies on PlayStation 3.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
01. 01. Yo-kai Watch 2: Head/Founder 120,682 2,093,992 3DS Level 5
New 02. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 81,584 New 3DS Bandai Namco
New 03. Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson 46,494 New 3DS Marvelous
New 04. Ultra Street Fighter IV 42,327 New PS3 Capcom
02. 05. Yoshi’s New Island 22,752 114,229 3DS Nintendo
03. 06. Mario Kart 8 20,860 599,414 WiiU Nintendo
New 07. Shin Hayarigami 12,585 New PSV Nippon Ichi
04. 08. Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Great Space-Time Adventure 8,435 127,842 3DS Bandai Namco
05. 09. Yo-kai Watch 7,355 1,234,622 3DS Level 5
New 10. Shin Hayarigami 5,745 New PS3 Nippon Ichi
11. 11. Grand Theft Auto V (Bargain Edition) 5,323 38,997 PS3 Take Two
12. 12. Pokémon X and Y 4,935 4,121,836 3DS Pokémon Co.
New 13. Bravely Default: For the Sequel (Ultimate Hits Version) 4,720 New 3DS Square Enix
06. 14. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines 4,548 123,884 PSV Sony
13. 15. Pokémon Art Academy 4,326 84,588 3DS Nintendo
17. 16. Gundam TriAge SP 4,112 37,043 3DS Bandai Namco
New 17. Dragon Quest X All-in-One Package 3,945 New WiiU Square Enix
18. 18. Freedom Wars 3,869 275,667 PSV Sony
New 19. Lost Dimension 3,868 New PSV FuRyu
20. 20. Mario Kart 7 3,566 2,362,577 3DS Nintendo


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • Erikdayo

    Hmmm. So the Vita game had the best opening for the Senran Kagura series? But they didn’t think to release SK2 on both platforms? :P

    • Anewme…Again

      Sometime you have to wonder what go through their head :P

      • antithesis

        I suspect it’s “bewb”

        • wodan

          no it is 3d “bewb”.

      • KuroNathan

        Normally this would be because of reusing resources from the previous game such as engines and models and it’d be expensive to recreate it on a system with a completely different architecture. Not every game company has the money to make everything awesome

    • Possibly because they want to be able to keep releasing both the side-scrollers as well as the Musou-style games. I suspect they’re not putting both series on Vita either because they’re afraid of franchise overload on a single platform or because the side-scrollers are meant to be lower budget titles, and they feel putting those on Vita would defeat the purpose.

      • Kayseur

        The thing is, SK2 no longer truly feels like a side-scroller. With 3D battles, big bosses and all, it’s really close to the musou-style that SV had (and I’m enjoying it a lot more than Burst thanks to that).

        Takaki said he just wanted to please both fanbase (3DS/Vita) if I remember correctly, but it might not be the best thing to do since we can see how it turned out now. (Though I agree with the overload statement, but I feel like they could just *not* make two games to begin with, and just have a single bigger one on Vita / PS3 whatever.)

        • Takaki is an ingenious businessman. He likes to play the fool and make his silly life and hometown jokes, but he’s got this thing figured out. They can keep doing both if they space them out carefully enough.

          The side-scrollers can be developed on a lower budget and serve as the basis for the next season of the anime. Meanwhile, Tamsoft can take longer to develop the Versus games side-by-side and debut those after every subsequent season of the anime.

        • Shippoyasha

          I still think SK2 feels very much like a 2D beat-em-up though. There’s no true 3D camera, so everything is still on a strict movement basis, which is unlike a proper Musou.

          • Kayseur

            Oh but yes, it’s still not a proper Musou (as I only said it felt much more closer to).

            However, I do think that the fixed camera is among the last things preventing this game from being one. If the areas were a bit bigger, and the camera behaved differently, wouldn’t it be almost the same?

            There’s actually even the challenge mode (if you tried it, the ones with little missions) which pictures pretty much what I have in mind, and safe for the ennemy count on screen, it’s super close to SV gameplay-wise.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      Considering the fact that Shinovi Versus have double the playable characters and it a Dynasty Warrior style game what did you expect.

      • Erikdayo

        Considering the sales of the corresponding hardware? Well, a slightly different result. But I’m always happy to see Vita titles do well. :)

    • malek86

      I remember reading that developers in Japan very rarely make multiplatform games, even when it could make sense. Apparently, due to how the market works over there, they prefer to sell only one version, and then sell an updated port on a different platform some months later, so that fans will double-dip.

      I don’t think we’ll see a port of SK2 on the Vita, but anyway, that’s usually the reason why games are almost always platform-exclusive in Japan.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The Vita game needed a system price cut and a marketing bomb to make it sell, lightning doesn’t strike twice

  • Kaetsu

    Next week’s sales are going to be more interesting… *coughhyrulewarriorscough*

  • D-Omen

    I wasn’t asking for franchise growth, but opening slightly lower than Shinei doesn’t exactly instill confidence. >_< We'll see how Estival Versus does. Though unconfirmed, I'm fairly sure it will be at least on PS3 and Vita, and possibly PS4 as well. Seems like a big gamble to be honest.

    • British_Otaku

      If the PlayStation installments continue to have marketing genius and marketing luck, they will continue to do well even if they were exclusive to the PS4, Xbox One or Wii U.

      Let us imagine that any of these games will sell roughly 100K at best (with 50-60K being a comfortable success), with how the systems sell over a million. They just need to make sure as many of those people hear about it.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Damn shame. My copy should be here tomorrow so I’m excited. I hope sales pick up.

    • Which game?

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Oh I thought I typed it in. Senran Kagura 2. Shallie is holding me over until ti arrives.

        • Still need to get around to playing Burst. Disappointing that SK2 didn’t have a good start.

          How is Shallie? Have the bugs been sorted out?

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            I just started it today. I’m enjoying it greatly so far. There were bugs?

            When starting the game there were like 5 huge updates so I guess thats what they were for.

          • Makes sense; I just remembered talking about the problems with Shallie, I’m glad to hear that they have been dealt with and you’re enjoying it.

  • MaximDualBlade

    Freedom Wars! Baby! You are still clinging on the top 20! Nice!

  • KuroNathan

    Odd, I wonder if it’s due to lack of aggressive advertising or other factors. Most obvious would be the higher price is scaring off people since the last game was a pretty “budget” deal and they’d be hard pressed to spend that much on a game with a reputation for low budget.

    I would say that people are just over SK’d but maybe that’s cause in the US we’re getting two games almost at the same time

    • It’s hard to say what it is until Estival Versus comes out and we see how that performs. If you think about it, every Senran Kagura has been an anomaly up until this point.

      SK1 – Launched when 3DS had no games
      SK Burst – Two games for the price of one / 3DS price cut
      SK: SV – Launched alongside anime and price cut

      Basically, SK2 is the first game in the series that has had to compete with the rest of the market under normal operating conditions.

      • KuroNathan

        How did Dekamori Senran Kagura do though? That’s actually a pretty good test for the SK fanbase since it’s basically selling purely on fandom unless if it has some sort of unique gameplay feature that revolutionizes rhythm games

        • It was a download game, so I have no idea how it did. I don’t think that’s a game that can really be used as a yardstick for the rest of the series either, since it’s also priced much more cheaply by extension of being a simpler digital title.

          • KuroNathan

            Fair enough. I wished there was a way to track digital games, I feel like a lot of game titles would do much better if you include digital as well and maybe paint less of a portrait of disaster

          • In Japan, download sales are typically only 10% of retail sales unless there’s a massive shortage in stores, so the digital side really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

            Certain games benefit greatly from download versions, yes. Games with a social element like Pokémon or Animal Crossing or hunting games like Monster Hunter tend to have a slightly higher download:retail ratio, since those are the kinds of games you want on your system at all times.

  • Roberto

    >Shin hayarigami
    oh well

    • brian

      That’s great for a visual novel considering 10k is normal.

  • brian

    I’m sad for Lost Dimension.

    • Me too. Lancarse has a pretty impressive track record. Maybe if they pushed the fact that it has the same pedigree as SMT Strange Journey and (the first) Etrian Odyssey, it could have helped out sales

      • MrTyrant

        Or if they had made an school setting for the game.

  • Codename: D.A.V.I.D.

    Obligatory comment for Youkai Watch 2: Nice sales.

  • ronin4life

    Why are WiiU sales rising?

    • Summer vacation / Obon approaching / DQX.

    • awang0718

      Hyrule Warriors is coming out.

      • HarakiriKami

        That’s next week tho

        • awang0718

          Anticipation fro Hyrule Warriors.

          Sorry for not clarrifying.

    • HarakiriKami

      Cause mario kart’s sales started increasing 4 weeks ago

      So summer vacation and people upgrading from Wii version of DQX

  • Jimmy Bump

    Poor Lost dimension, but I think the real problem is this is the calm before the storm of too many releases at once, so most likely people are saving for later titles and not whats out now. What they really needed was a June release where there was nothing coming out

  • otakumike

    The mistake was making SK for 3DS. It just seems like that’s not the audience that wants that time of game…Vita on the other hand…


    • British_Otaku

      Did you only read the title?

      Burst and Shinovi Versus both sold better, on top of reaching eventually 100K at different speeds (explained in the article) but they had a lot of fortune their way. Even with kids’ games (hence Level 5 makes a few franchises which live for a generation at best) or great games, we can see that sales drop eventually if marketing doesn’t stay up.

      • otakumike

        If I only read the title I’d only know that Senran Kagura 2 made it’s debut, not that it had the lowest initial sales for the franchise. D:

        • British_Otaku

          A title and blurb then. >_>

    • Fronkhead

      I’m pretty sure most people with a Vita own a 3DS as well, given the latter went massmarket and the former didn’t. It’s less of an audience thing and more of a competing software thing I reckon, there’s far more choice for 3DS owners at the moment.

      As for Senran Kagura 2 being on 3DS, Takaki was just making the game he wanted. The series existed because of the want to have, er, boobs in stereoscopic 3D anyway, and Vita got Estival Versus which is tailored made for the platform much like how SK2 is specialised for 3DS.

    • Bohmander

      So desperate are asking all 3DS games on Vita?

      Let 3DS users enjoy exclusive!!!

      • otakumike

        what is the say?

    • CozyAndWarm

      Uhhhh, the series started and took off on 3DS… and Burst sold very well in the west too.

  • Batoru

    See, this is what happens when you put something that the fans never asked for and subsequently turning them off (i.e. a male playable character). I can pretty much put the blame on that male character alone for the poor sales performance. I hope that Kenichiro learns something from this and never do it again on Estival.

    • Fronkhead

      I’m just glad Takaki made the game he wanted to make rather than appeasing fans. He did say SK2 came closer to what he originally envisioned for the series to be, and I appreciate it when developers don’t outright listen to fans (Twilight Princess is the least interesting main series Zelda precisely because Nintendo made a game for the fans, for example).

      Obviously in this case it led to lower sales (as you mention) whereas in other cases fans don’t know what they want until they see it.

      • Batoru

        He should’ve stuck with appeasing to the fans. When he took the route that SK is today, it gained quite amount of fandom and popularity, not just for the boobs and fanservice, but for having a large cast of butt-kicking female fighters who are the only playables. It is a good franchise at its own right. This is something that you don’t see everyday like Arcana Hearts. Now take a look at SK2. He stuck with what he originally envisioned and look how it turned out, sales-wise at least.

        • I highly doubt putting an optional male character in suddenly cut sales in half. I don’t think the fanbase for this franchise is that anal.

        • Fronkhead

          Well that is kind of the point, it’s Senran Kagura 2, not Estival Versus, so why would he want to make a game like the spinoff when he is working on the sequel to said spinoff?

          Anyway, from most places on the ‘net, players are complaining about how difficult the game is compared to previous games (which I don’t believe is fair based on my experiences with it), that’s going to be a factor that may have turned away non launch buyers, especially given how everything else about the game (mechanics, production values, boss designs and youma, fanservice) is a step forward from previous titles.

    • This is kind of a dramatic statement. I highly doubt the presence of one minor character had any large effect on sales.

    • Herok♞

      So you see reasonable explanations of why the sales were lower and then you still view it as a minor characters fault, because after all the male character meant all the female characters were gone and were no longer the focus of the story right?

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Stupidest thing I’ve ever read. The game is better than all other entries before it and a SINGLE male character ruins it?

    • Shippoyasha

      I think it’s safe to say that’s an unbased assumption than how it actually happened. Because the fanservice is lewder than ever and I’m loving it. The fanservice for male characters that’s being shown off so far is perfectly goofy and lewd in their own right and it doesn’t really come across as pandering to fujoshis or anything like that.

      The one biggest factor to me is that game sales in general are struggling while only a few megahits really runs away with it. Even at that, SK2 is still doing swimmingly, considering what numbers constitute a ‘hit’ in Japan these days.

  • Needs to be exclusive to PlayStation

    • Batoru

      Needs to head to PC IMHO.

    • Weeb

      Life and hometown need to be enjoyed by everyone.

    • HarakiriKami

      Third parties need to stop kowtowing to playstation

  • awang0718

    yokai Watch 2 seems to be holding steady at 120k. That’s impressive.

  • Disappointing debut sales. I’m really hoping it has some legs. The Senran Kagura sequels/spin-offs are everything you want from new entries. They’re not just the same games with a new coat of paint.

    Off topic: I just realized Disqus has an option to hide comments. I can finally self moderate these awful console war comments that plague 3DS/Vita articles.

    • HarakiriKami

      well hey at least it made more money

      First week revenue comparison

      Senran Kagura
      52,206 (sales) * 5980 (price) = 312,191,880 yen

      Senran Kagura 2
      46,494 (sales) * 6998 (price) = 325,365,012 yen

  • SetzerGabbiani

    In before the SK on Vita only bots come….too late.

    On a serious note, I hope SK 2 gets localized faster than SK:B.

    • TalesOfBS

      At this rate, we should be happy if we get at least a digital release.

      • British_Otaku

        I strongly disagree. Senran Kagura has proven itself in Europe and America and the 3DS is a powerhouse for numbers.

        If they market this game right, they won’t just reach the perverts and plot lovers but also the people who make these videos:

  • Wish Shin Hayarigami did better… Or is that okay sales for a horror game? And maybe it’s a slow burner title for sales, since it’s not a widely-recognized IP? I mainly was just hoping it would get localized, since I need more horror games. Particularly ones that look as mature as this one.

    And whoa, what happened with Lost Dimension? Is that an end-of-the-week title? That game looked really good–and another title I’m really hoping for a localization of…

  • MrTyrant

    Im sad for Lost Dimensión because its really a good game.

  • ronin4life

    It should also be pointed out these previous titles were during software derths. There was little else at all available for Vita at that point, and not much more on 3ds.

    But look at this chart. Yokai watch still topping weeks later and DBZ posting twice the sales than SK. People have more options and are buying from these different pools as well.

    • Bohmander

      Exactly, but today it seems that what does not come out for Vita is not worth…

      • OlimacFTW

        Like, let’s say, Lost Dimension, for example…

        • Bohmander

          No sales talk, talk about Vita users.

  • Destiny13777

    I’ve read that some people in Japan complained because of how difficult the game is and not being friendly to new players which is true from the gameplay I’ve seen. That may or may not account for some of the sale lost.

    • subsamuel01

      Same thing happened with freedom wars, what’s with Japanese gamers and difficulty.

      • British_Otaku

        It sounds like Japanese gamers don’t know what they are doing if you just read the headlines, but Freedom Wars clearly had some difficulty balance issues and Senran Kagura 2 presents menus in a strange way and doesn’t tutorialise all of the mechanics well.

        In fact, the story opens up with tough boss fights but without you being allowed to quit and go the Hub (more like Hebijo’s story than Hanzo’s) from what I hear.

        Continuing the pattern though, I heard Catherine got a difficulty patch and Viewitiful Joe had an extra release on the GameCube with a lower difficulty in Japan.

        • Göran Isacson

          See, THAT’S interesting to hear. If the game has badly designed difficulty spikes, THAT’S something I want to know. Not just people saying “it’s difficult” and never describing what they mean beyond that. Too many people take the easy way out when they talk about these things.

          • British_Otaku

            Difficulty is always hard to convey in words though.
            While, Senran Kagura 2 starts off with a lot of challenge from what I hear, the key factor is that it never started off by tutorialising everything so either trying till you figure things out since everything is changed. For example:

            R Button – Short dash, dash, hookshot to enemy and no defensive option.
            Launchers – Hold Y at the beginning and end of combos.

            Air + X – More or less the defensive option from before but it costs no health.
            Enemies – They have better cues and better animation but are more aggressive than ever.

            Special moves – You can take damage while doing them from another special move.

            It isn’t really cheap from what I understand rather that it just gives a rough introduction akin to The Wonderful 101 which gives you tools but doesn’t tell you how to make the most of them, but at least that game lets you go and practice before you make some distance in the story.

          • Fronkhead

            It definitely explains those mechanics to the player in chapter 1’s missions, and like Shinovi Versus there’s a training mode that explains the game’s controls and mechanics in more detail.

          • British_Otaku

            For sure? My copy isn’t here yet so all I can do is parrot what mates of mine say on GameFAQs. They seemed close to clueless at the beginning and even some Japanese players didn’t seem to be faring well.

            What would you say is the issue with the difficulty and how it explains mechanics then?

            I heard there was a training mode, but only a tutorial one which is mission driven (like kill x enemies), not a completely free one like SV. Also, I got the impression that it would take a while to get to the practice room since it goes for a Hebjio like story beginning where you aren’t at the hub for a good while.

          • Kayseur

            I do think you can go to the hub giving up on a mission pretty quickly after the beginning of the game. Although I won’t lie, I ended up in the hub by mistake: I lost a mission and wanted to “retry”, I read the katakana wrong and tapped give up instead. So, yeah well it kind of takes a while, and doesn’t as the same time I guess…

            Right now, I lost three times in a row to a boss in the second chapter though, so I’d say there *is* a slight difficulty spike here. BUT. The girls have levels! If you just take your time and do some challenge, extra missions or whatever, I’m sure I’ll beat him up fast soon. So if bosses are the reason people complain (yes, the very first boss we’re thrown against out of the blue is a bit annoying, but once you figure out how to kill him, it’s easy), I’d say they… just aren’t playing it right.

            Well, that being said, if the small mobs keep being as easy as always to beat and the bosses so much harder throughout the whole game, I would agree it’s bad game balancing in a way. Can’t judge that yet though.

          • Göran Isacson

            Mm, I had a friend who completely gave up on Wonderful 101 after he played the first stage… without buying the shield and dodge moves, which are darn near mandatory to tackle a large part of the games challenge. When he saw me buy those things he just felt like the games designers were punking him and punishing him for not being mindreaders, as he thought that at least the first stage should be handled with what the game actually gave you. Always a shame when strange design oversights make people pass up on great games.

    • Kamakuma

      Indeed most people get stuck on Yomi and her bull. >~> (Which she honestly was still a problem for me in versus but maybe that’s because I played it on hard mode.) * Shrugs*

  • Ziko577

    I’m guessing that the main series is sucking while the versus series is thriving. Also, as far as the male character and difficulty goes, that’s probably a gamble by the developers that didn’t pay off too well.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    I was really hoping that Lost Dimension would do better. It seemed like an interesting game, and I have an intense craving for anything that even resembles Valkyria Chronicles. Oh well, I’ll still hold out hope for a localization.

    • HarakiriKami

      Its not like VC at all.

      • British_Otaku

        “Anything that even resembles Valkyria Chronicles”.
        From experience with the demo, it definitely has little if any in common with it, but from being a SRPG with different types of firearms and a TRPG angle in play instead of a chess set angle it was close enough for me to build up some interest because I think like Afternoon Intergalactic.

        I also have an interest in Kinki no Maguna/Forbidden Magna for the same reason.

        • HarakiriKami

          It felt more SMT-ish to me lol

          • British_Otaku

            Never played a SMT game, so I can only see elements of games I’ve actually played it in the demo.

            Like if you said that fishing in adventure games is largely owed to Zelda titles like Ocarina of Time, but I would shout out Okami (which takes notes from Zelda) and One Piece Unlimited Adventure instead.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Aside from the modifier “even resembles” that I used in anticipation for comments like your own, I was at least expecting an explanation.

        They are both strategy rpgs whose core gameplay offers limited free movement of units in a third person, turn based fashion. Wouldnt you say this is a cause for comparison?

        • HarakiriKami

          Because Valkyria is not like Xcom.

          Structure is just as important besides player perspective.

          • British_Otaku

            It definitely felt more akin to XCom (only played the demo of that as well) for me.

            That felt like a huge stab in my interest when I booted it up.

          • Fronkhead

            Julian Gollop did say he worked on a game that (while cancelled) had a similar battle system to Valkyria Chronicles, shame it was never released.

            I can see where the comparisons come from with XCOM, though they are fairly loose.

  • Bummer about the sales of SK2 but I could see the game staying around for a bit on the charts. No matter I am still excited for it to inevitably get localized!

  • Ethan_Twain

    I’m kinda leaning towards the obvious on this one. Yes, the lack of hardware price drops matters. Yes, the competition against other quality software makes a difference. Yes, the lack of a new anime to cross promote with is unfortunate…

    But really I think that if this game was on PS Vita, the otaku audience would have bought close to 100K units despite all that. That’s what they do. That’s how the Vita functions. Regardless of game genre or license or even game quality, you put some fanservice in a well produced Vita game and you’ve got a guaranteed 80-100K sales.

    I’m trying not to sound like some sort of condescending snob here but… that’s kind of the pattern. Boobs sell Vita software. The 3DS software market has proven much more fickle – there’s so much competition on that platform from the best developers in Japan that a game needs to be good or even great to make much of an impact.

    By comparison Vita games will never sell as much as a hit 3DS game, but as long as you have your anime girl bases covered you’ll guarantee small success. The 3DS audience gives no such minimum returns guarantee.

    • subsamuel01

      I think the game would have sold better on Vita as well, who knows maybe they might port it over if the game doesn’t meet expectations.

      • Satori Satya

        At this point we can only assume it would’ve sold better on Vita. Because of the stereotype that Vita has a lot more …ahem… “Otaku” types within its user base than the 3DS.

        But in my experience (reading threads dedicated to the series), most Senran Kagura fans own BOTH systems.

        So a port of SK2 wouldn’t sell much better. Unless people wanted to double dip. It’s unlikely that they all would do that in significant numbers.

        Besides, you already read the reasons behind the game selling less. It costs more. No anime to make it trendy. And experienced buyers probably expect to see some sort of revision or expansion like happened with the first game.

        And also, the game will not stop selling beyond the 4 days tracked. It’s a bit early.

      • HarakiriKami

        Nah dont think so.

        Takaki must have his 3D boobs

    • The 3DS audience gives no such minimum returns guarantee.

      I think this is definitely true when it comes to fanservice games, but not other kinds of games. The 3DS has its own breed of low-budget titles, but those are aimed at a more mainstream audience.

      Things like Run for Money or all of Namco’s lower budget anime games such as Aikatsu and PreCure and Dragon Ball Heroes. Things like the Guild games from Level 5, or the crazy stuff that Nippon Columbia puts out. The girl-games from Alchemist that try to appeal to the same market as Style Savvy. The constant stream of eShop games from Arc System Works.

      Beyond the fact that it has all of the great games it does, the other role of the 3DS in the market is that it is literally the last frontier for a lot of the quirky, smaller ideas you see from Japan. It’s the only platform with a large enough userbase and low enough development costs.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Stop. You’re making me feel super guilty about not buying that bungie platforming game with all the fish.

        When Japanese quirky goes away it will be my fault :(

        • British_Otaku

          You just reminded me to import it from Japan and buy it for my brother’s European 3DS… >_>

          I won’t make it my fault.

        • Platforming game with all the fish? Umihara Kawase?

          • Ethan_Twain

            Yeah! That one! That’s, like, the definition of the good kind of Japanese weird in video games to me. Unique but very deep mechanics and some off the wall artistic decisions. Games like Umihara Kawase and Bangai-O Spirits and Katamari Damacy – all great games, but all very much doing their own Japanese thing both artistically and mechanically.

            I just got scared off by the reputation of the game being real hard. Did you play it?

          • SobriK

            Are you talking about Sayonara Umihara Kawase / Yumi’s Odd Odyssey? That’s a difficult game, but it’s fair in its difficulty if that makes sense.

            You never die because the game pulls out a cheap trick – all the mechanics are laid out for you early on and you just have to remember how to use them. It’s an enjoyable little platformer, definitely lives up to its “old school hard” reputation, but it’s also unlike anything else on the eShop that I’ve found.

          • Fronkhead

            Highly recommended. It’s only hard in terms of getting to grips with the physics really, but once it all clicks there’s no turning back, and you continually get better at finding new tricks to use and ways to master the physics to complete levels in different ways.

    • ronin4life

      Conversely, I think 3ds just happens has a very diverse audience including the Otaku gamer and ‘fan-service’ gamers and Vita has just the two specific ones mentioned above. Because of this(Or perhaps it is the other way around) they also have software lineups centered around this.

      But People can be in multiple demographics/markets. Just Look at the DBZ for 3ds, And look at Yokai Watch. Those games appeal to multiple demos(Kids and Anime fans) and are the dominant sales reps for the week. Senran also fits into the Anime game Demo, so there could easily be overlap.

      This is true for any sales week too; 3ds just gets more releases and more diversity in those releases than Vita. And when we look at Lifetime sales of SK games, we see that they have decent legs on 3ds, proving the market could well be there but that buyers may take their time on obtaining certain software.

      It may be more that Vita owners just are given less overall but it is all what they want(The same content), while 3ds has so many types that overlaps are bound to occur. The idea That the Vita ‘Market’ for certain games is much stronger may simply be an inflated figure muddied by a defined lack of diversity and smaller amount of content that results in these large bursts of instant demand when supply is met.

      • TalesOfBS

        It is rare to see a comment this good and being fair to both install bases. You should be writing articles.

    • British_Otaku

      Can you name the other fanservice driven Vita games which managed to get 80-100K first week or eventuallly?

      I’m not an aficionado of the Vita’s library so I looked for Criminal Girls first only to find that the PSP installment got around 17K and couldn’t even see the sales for Vita installment in November 2013 (didn’t chart or I didn’t look hard enough).

      My theory will be reconfirmed if Bullet Girls gets anything significantly less than your stated bracket. >_> Marketing is key.

      • Demon Gaze comes to mind. Valhalla Knights 3, too?

        • British_Otaku

          Demon Gaze is one of the fanservice otaku games as well? I’ll take your word for it.

          It sold 25,316 in the first week:

          Short of the number that he suggested by a significant amount, but I feel harsh hanging onto that for new IPs or series which never sold so strongly. Good that Demon Gaze continued to sell in later weeks with 43,910 a few weeks later and probably the Global Edition later on too.

          Valhalla Knights 3 did marvelously with 65K according to one of your articles (I’m not going to pick on a game for not hitting 80K exactly :P – though Media Create said 40K for first week – I should look into these numbers specially more closely, it is probably 65K shipped), but VH3 Gold only selling 11K seem concerning:

          I guess this was the problem (not serious):

          • Well, I wasn’t agreeing completely with the idea that fanservice games on Vita sell 80-100k first week, but as Ethan said, they do seem to be much more prominent on the Vita.

            VK3 saw a higher opening than its predecessors in part because of the multiplayer and fanservice. Demon Gaze… yeah, that actually does have your usual naughty stuff tossed in, in between all the dungeon crawling. That went on to do reasonably well for a niche product, too.

            I guess his point was the same one that I tried to make last week: that publishers seem to feel a Vita game is “incomplete” unless it has fanservice, a popular anime license, or some sort of hunting game aspect in it. Nearly every Vita announcement these days seems to come with some sort of touching/rubbing feature or a segment where you “interact” with girls.

          • British_Otaku

            I didn’t only mean that they needed to sell 80-100K first week when I replied to the fellow, but also in the long term. Given that most games aren’t Yokai Watch and don’t sell much in the long term, it is basically the same thing… >_>

            They are definitely more saturated on the system yes (since the 3DS has a ton of other things), but my ultimate grievance isn’t whether the Vita has more of the games but whether sales of these games actually prosper on a specific platform.

            Both platforms have their anime games, touching is good, “interact” with girls, hunting games and anime licensed games in spades. That is a reflection of that audience being present in Japan in general I believe with the larger saturation of kids games being on the 3DS as the Vita is struggling to pick up that market.

            I know Sony would love Level 5 to have their back again like they did for the PSP with LBX and for Bandai Namco to support them with more anime games like Gundam vs Gundam.

        • HarakiriKami

          Did toshin toshi do well?

          • British_Otaku

            No real idea, but projects like that seem like they would be comfortable with 23K from the first week.

            The 20K-40K line is an odd one where people aren’t sure whether games have sold enough, it doesn’t seem like it took much resources to develop, not nearly as much as Lost Dimension for how it did.

          • HarakiriKami

            Some of these games make profits on the first batch they ship to retailers yeah
            First week revenue comparison

            Senran Kagura
            52,206 (sales) * 5980 (price) = 312,191,880 yen

            Senran Kagura 2
            46,494 (sales) * 6998 (price) = 325,365,012 yen

          • Nope!

          • British_Otaku

            What makes you say “Nope!” to that one game which sold around 23K first week but suggest that Demon Gaze was safe with 25K first week (though it eventually make it to 43K)?

            I suppose it is the knowledge that one made it and no knowledge about the other one, but we don’t seem too consistent on what games have sold enough to be considered to have done well.

            I can follow the gist of things with Senran Kagura 2 or Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy, fairly ambitious games with a prior large fanbase, not doing as well as they used to.

            With two new portable only games with both came out of nowhere somewhat (What do the normal Toushintoshi games usually sell anyway if that it is relevant?), 20K-40K seems pretty safe to me.

      • Ethan_Twain

        And Senran Kagura Vita, that one’s right in the article. And I think the Vita version of Conception II also did way better than the 3DS version, landing in about that sales range.

        • British_Otaku

          Senran Kagura Vita’s quoted numbers in the article aren’t that much higher than Burst’s quoted numbers in the article.

          Senran Kagura Burst (3DS) – 69,084
          Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (PSV) – 94,324

          With both of them reaching around 100K, though with different speeds due to a series of factors explained in right in the article, it isn’t that clear cut.

          Conception 2 sold around 18K first week copies on the Vita, far from the 80-100K that you said earlier. I suppose it was way better than the 3DS’s 5K sales, but if a game is marketed more strongly for one system, that kind of gap happens.

          I’ve seen Vita/PS4/3DS versions of games on the PS3 outsell them with ease. Lost Dimension, Watch Dogs and E.X. Troopers come off the top of my head while Metal Gear Ground Zeroes and Yakuza Ishin were close to selling better on the PS4. You would probably doubt whether it is reasonable to release many games on those platforms over the PS3.

          • HarakiriKami

            They shipped more copies of the game on the Vita actually.

            The funny thing is their LTD ended up rather close.

            Sort of like Virtues Last Reward ( except that sold more on the 3DS)

          • British_Otaku

            I assume you are talking about Conception 2, I do remember reading that they shipped more copies on the Vita but they make these shipments based on expected sales for the platform and are usually pretty good at calculating that stuff.

            It is fair to say that if the PSP/DS audience stuck to the Vita/3DS or just wanted to have all of the games on one system (downloads make this even more possible) with a similar interface, they would focus on buying games on that one platform series.

            Interesting that their LTD sales were close though.

        • Kayseur

          Well, @British_Otaku:disqus pretty much said what I had in mind, but the “boobs fanservice” stuff safety-bar lies, without a doubt, more around the 25k-30k than 80k-100k. Other examples would be Exstetra (11k), To love ru darkness (22k), Monster Monpiece (25k~30k), Girls Und Panzer (35k, and it’s from a rather popular show) and the list probably goes on. Especially if you add visual novels.

          The only ones who achieve 80k while being fanservice mostly deserve it. SK SV is a good game. Project Diva as well (though less fan service, it’s still pretty otaku-ish). The other ones who did below 30k? Not so much.

          I doubt Bullet Girls is going to fare any better.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Monpiece had more than double that number you gave by its end. It sold digitally a lot more than physically (because CH didn’t think it would sell that well and didn’t supply much)

          • Kayseur

            Well, true but since I was talking about first-week.

            But yes, I understand what you’re saying, in any case there are other examples apart from this one if it doesn’t fit. Though, actually, my point was it’s not the fanservice that sells by itself (to a certain extent), but the game. And Monpiece is not a bad game neither, so if it sold a lot more afterward, it could actually add to that too.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Indeed, it is a great game. Many who find CH to be a very mediocre dev, are shocked by how fun Monpiece is.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            Bullet Girls won’t do better than SK, that’s all

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            I am sooooo going to regret that pre-order…but I just couldn’t get it off my mind ._.
            I agree really. People say that the games are selling because they have fanservice, but I’d say that only pads the numbers a bit. There are solid games under that fanservice.

        • CozyAndWarm

          Didn’t Conception 2 only sell like 15k?

          • British_Otaku

            That’s about right, I dug up the links in my post below but not sure why I didn’t post this:

            18K for the Vita.
            5K for the 3DS.

            He is only right about the 3DS one selling less and that still isn’t an indicator of an Vita fanservice fanbase for reasons in my post below.

          • TalesOfBS

            Conception 2 was advertised mostly as a Vita game. The only 3DS screens came out like a week before the release. Also it is Japan, who is going to buy a 3DS version when you can get your waifu with better graphics on Vita?

          • Fronkhead

            The visuals across both platforms are pretty identical truth be told, heck the Vita game even has the 3DS’s lower screen plastered over it at points, the from a visual assets point of view it seems like they targeted 3DS. Odd. But yeah, agreed, Spike Chunsoft targeted Vita owners primarily.

          • TalesOfBS

            They cheaped out on the Vita version? I wasn’t expecting that.

          • British_Otaku

            I haven’t played the Vita version, but I was put off by the 3DS version not having the map on the bottom screen (as well as other interface ideas) and assumed that was a sign of it being a lazy port for the 3DS.

            Now I hear that both of them lost out on the deal… Hmm…

          • darke

            Yeah, you can tell from the dungeon/maze part that they were clearly targeting a more memory/graphics constrained platform; and the Vita port was simply a bit of a higher-res version of textures. :(

        • Destiny13777

          Conception 2 isn’t really a good comparison because Spike Chunsoft outright said they shipped more of the Vita version because the original was PSP and it’s somewhat safe to assume they went there. Regardless C2 was the sequel to a game that didn’t make crazy numbers anyways.

    • Shippoyasha

      I also think some idiots making a huge deal out of the difficulty of the new game is spreading a lot of misinformation about it. Plus, the higher price point likely won’t go down well with some players, who are already very apprehensive about spending money for games in Japan these days.

      Estival Versus sales will be interesting, I’d give it that.

      At least anything about 40k is still a very nice number.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The Vita games that released alongside SK2 this week sold even worse…

    • HarakiriKami

      Except 15 million people own a 3DS.

      Pretty sure the anime audience has one too

  • SK2 may be the lowest opening out of the series, but I’m not too worried. There are those who are still looking forward to the game. Myself included. Lost Dimension however seems to have gotten well, lost lol. Sad because I played the demo and didn’t think it was that bad at all.

  • DesmaX

    RIP Lost Dimension. Can’t say that I’m surprised by those sales, though.

    And, in other news, nothing stops Youkai Watch, huh?

  • J_Joestar

    C’mon Japan,
    Haruka-sama orders you to go out and but SK2!
    (and pre-order Pokemon ORAS while you are at it…)

  • Yan Zhao

    I see that boobs still sell well in Japan.

    • AkuLord3

      and …being a fun game

    • Ethan_Twain

      No no, that’s just it. Senran Kagura 2, the latest and most in depth exploration of boobs in a Japanese video game (and on a 3D screen no less) didn’t sell very well! This is cause for panic! If boobs don’t sell, what will Marvelous develop? What will Compile HEART develop? The entire Vita platform could crumble in a day! Half the Japanese games INDUSTRY could crumble in a day!

  • AkuLord3

    Eh Senran Kagura 2 will pick up, sure first week not as good as others but few things show why and there’s way worst numbers that would make me worried and those aren’t it. Compared to Lost Dimension…;w; (so many other games blocking it and being a new IP but still hope it does a bit better).

  • Guest

    I had some bias against SK until some days ago, when I played through Burst. It´s a fun game overall.

    Nice graphics, fun gameplay, cool customization, lot´s of playable characters, good soundtrack.The visual novel parts are interesting enough too, gives some dept to the story/characters. The fanservice still bothers me sometimes, but at least it has everything else to compensate.

    Probably getting Shinovi Versus/SK2 too.

  • Spidermang

    Not enough boobs?

    • HarakiriKami

      not enough touch minigames

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Not enough Mirai pantsu of course

  • God. Thank you Siliconera! Saw the Media Create sales first on Gematsu and thought, “Wait – that looks low. Is that low for Senran Kagura? Is the series dying?”, which I’ll admit, I’d be looking forward to because Marvelous is capable than this. Regardless, Google and VGChartz was no help looking up previous sales numbers there.

    Man, I love that you guys look critically at these numbers. You’re the of tracking Japanese game sales :D

    • British_Otaku

      I’m more surprised by someone looking at VGChartz for information than Senran Kagura 2 not selling the best out of the line up. >_>

      Otherwise, yeah, Siliconera is cool for analysing figures and even doing follow up articles on some games based on additional Media Create or Famitsu info.

      • darke

        VGChartz is good for 1st week sales for Japan… and pretty much nothing else. Someone will usually put the week one Japanese numbers up, but they rarely seem to be consistently updated.

        • British_Otaku

          So why not take the numbers from the source instead with Famitsu and Media Create? I don’t see much of a use for them if it is simply addition of public numbers that we all know at best and educated guesswork/ hundreds of games with 0.00 million copies sold otherwise in one region or all regions at worst.

          Even Wikipedia provides sources for the numbers that it has. >_>

          • darke

            Because I can get the result in approximately 3 seconds with a search in my url bar with vgchartz; whereas with media create you’ve either got to dig back through siliconera reports, hope it’s in the top 50 chart, or pay non-too-small amounts of cash for a report.

            I’m usually pretty thorough when researching comment responses, but unless there’s a search box I’m not seeing on media create’s page I’m going to say that vgchartz wins by simple ease of use and public accessibility.

            The fact that the data’s mostly crap doesn’t mean that it’s useless. If it says a game sold 50k units in Japan, I can actually reasonably conclude that they’ve sold at least 50k units in Japan; I just can’t be certain of it so I probably should look for another news article to corroborate it, like with pretty much anything on the internet. :P

          • British_Otaku

            I didn’t literally want an answer, but your answer is a strong one even if I will never be in a situation where I want to know sales for one game and can’t find them from Siliconera’s old reports or searching “______ sales” even if it takes a lot longer.

            I want to be certain, not have a general idea. :P

    • Fronkhead

      This. Do prefer how Siliconera always analyses sales figures, it’s something I always appreciate regardless of topic matter.

  • Josh A. Stevens

    It still opened at #3, so eh, I’m not too worried. Of course Yo-Kai Watch and Dragonball were always going to dominate.

    • British_Otaku

      If Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out this week, it would be 4th for sure. The place isn’t nearly as important as the numbers but as you can see few of us really know what to consider “good”. If this was the first Senran Kagura, this would be considered to be impressive numbers.

      Not every Dragon Ball game opens up to such numbers, but Dragon Ball Heroes (Ultimate Mission on 3DS) is a consistent performer at least with the machine that Bandai Namco have for how the games are designed and marketed.

      The first one on the 3DS sold around 88K (slightly higher than this) while releasing on the same week as Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus:

      I hope Yokai Watch loses to Hyrule Warriors next week, 3 million copies sold between two installments in a year is a lot of success for one company and a brand, Yokai Watch 1 even topped charts later on.

  • CozyAndWarm

    I hear talk they boosted the difficulty level in SK2, and I hate to say it, but I wonder if that played a part in the lower sales.

    Either way I’ll find out when my import finally ships. Hopefully for future sequels they boost the budget up a bit more, and I’d love to see a Wii U Senran Kagura next.

    • HarakiriKami

      Yeah its a much harder game. Better too.

    • British_Otaku

      Difficulty is going to be a factor to second week sales, not first week sales. Since sales are top heavy by nature with preorders and first day purchases over customers making educated purchase decisions.

      It didn’t factor for this week much if at all.

      EDIT: Want to share your friend code if you are going to import it as well? Online multiplayer is a thing in this game as it will be for Smash Bros. Mine is: 3024-5239-6058

      • Fronkhead

        I’d be up for some online too, will post my friend code up later (or on Twitter if either of you have it?)

        • British_Otaku

          Post it here, my Twitter is barely in use.

      • HarakiriKami

        Doesnt really matter.

        They shipped 118k copies to retailers and got their money XD.

        SK2 is the most expensive game in the series so they charged 1000 more yen for it and they made more revenue with SK2 than they did with SK1 even with lower sales.

        First week revenue comparison

        Senran Kagura
        52,206 (sales) * 5980 (price) = 312,191,880 yen

        Senran Kagura 2
        46,494 (sales) * 6998 (price) = 325,365,012 yen

        • They shipped 118k copies to retailers and got their money XD.

          The thing is, now retailers will be afraid to stock Senran Kagura 3 in large quantities. These things always have long-term consequences.

          • HarakiriKami

            Yeah, but that doesnt have any bearing on it now.

            If the game’s not making enough money they either lean out their budget and make a cheaper game that retailers are comfortable carrying a lower shipment of.

            The stock they have will be unloaded with time. We’ll see if they order any more shipments

        • British_Otaku

          You forgot about the sales of the limited edition (a portion of the 46K) and that the developers don’t get all of the money from a game sold but fair point that they still likely earned more money from this than the original game which needed a more significant marketing campaign.

        • darke

          But aren’t games sold on consignment? You’re not taking into account that the company will need to pay for probably close to 60k games returned to them; plus the overheads of recycling and disposing of them securely so they don’t re-enter the supply chain.

          It’s quite likely that even if you don’t take into account that a large chunk of the sales cost goes to the store, that they ended up making less from the retailer overall since returns will eat into those profits.

          And that ignores the serious issue that Ishaan raises below that there’s been a significant hit in the trustworthiness of the developer’s word in the eyes of the retailer. You can’t underestimate the effect of that in Japan.

          • HarakiriKami

            You’re acting like those copies of Senran Kagura 2 arent going to be sold.

          • Sylveria Shini

            You talk like if they don’t sell on the first week, they toss them all in a crate and send them back to the developer. I hope you never run a store, cause, yikes, you’re gonna have some supplier issues.

          • darke

            Thanks, but I’ve done retail. When you’ve overstocked that badly on stuff that isn’t moving, you ship most of it back.

            Unless they’re looking likely to get solid sales the second week, they’re going to get a pile of overstock returned to them (well, unless Japan works significantly different to AU anyway, and in this respect I can’t imagine why they would).

      • CozyAndWarm

        Realized I didn’t even have a Mii made for my import 3DS yet, had to get that fixed. 0962-9929-0616

    • 하세요

      I’m glad to hear a difficulty buff. I think I’m gonna still wait for it to come over here. With Smash coming out in September, I just need to hold out for a few weeks before I’m set for months until I need a new game, excluding Pokemon of course.

  • HarakiriKami

    SK2 has way better gameplay than Shinovi Versus in all honestly ( which is DW-lite)

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      I think it really depends on what sort of gameplay you prefer. For me, SV looks much more like an enjoyable gameplay experience. SK2 still looks like it will be a lot of fun, but just a different sort of fun, that isn’t as fun.

      • Guest

        SV all the way.

      • HarakiriKami

        Honestly I like Dragon’s Crown better than Burst but SK2 is on DC’s level. Muramasa the Demon blade is great too.
        I’ve played tons of musou games. N3,Sengoku Basara, SWC,OneeChanbara, Musou collabs ect

        Versus aint as fun or as deep.

    • TalesOfBS

      But people are buying SK for the boobs and asses, not gameplay. The Vita version have a lot more of them and there are your sales.

      • Fronkhead

        Yeah, it’s strange . The quality of the fanservice is a lot better in SK2. The visuals in terms of character models and lighting are a lot nicer in the dressing room for example, and there is far more customisation including some dodgy poses alongside stereoscopic 3D and much improved animation, but there’s still less characters than the Versus games.

        • Guest

          nope, SK2 is utterly shit, their boobs looks unnatural. and worse texture.

          • cgaurd52

            That’s it? Boobs & texture are why you think it’s shit?

            Jesus Christ…….

          • HarakiriKami

            Lmao you’ve never seen the game have you?
            (most of the time anime boobs look unnatural to begin with lol)

        • Shady Shariest

          I think that what you said is entirely logical: They developed the characters more, which lead to there being less of them. Something that happens quite often in games =W=

    • James Reilly

      SK2 and Shinovi Versus are too different to compare. I personally prefer Shinovi versus for the musou style. Not to mention Shinovi had way more characters.

      • HarakiriKami

        Yeah cause its a musou.

        But SK2 has better,more developed characters.

        If you know what I mean.

        • Still waiting for my copy, so can’t really tell so far but.., from what i’ve seen in the promotional videos, seems some story elements were introduced in SV and are now in SK2. Can’t really say that made it more developed ;)

  • Slickyslacker

    Interesting how Shin Hayarigami sold more than double on the Vita, than what it did on the PS3.

    Poor Lost Dimension. Valkyria Chronicles made it, but that flopped. :/

    • darke

      I’m starting to wonder if it’s not worth making those sort of games cross plat vita/ps3. One platform or the other and it’d probably sell enough to be profitable, but at that number on Vita and worse on PS3, probably not. :(

  • Aristides

    SK started out on 3DS but the truth is the series belongs on Vita as do all fanservice games. The Vita has that market covered pretty well (though they should really cover more of other stuff too XD). I’m sad to see Lost Dimension flop so hard. FuRyu is sinking too much :(

    • HarakiriKami

      Uhh, you know how many “fanservice” games are on the 3DS right?

      Love+,Toshin Toshi,Soni Pro, ect

      • Aristides

        It has plenty, but there’s been a market shift as the Vita install base grew higher and the number of fanservice games increased.

        • HarakiriKami

          To be honest the VIta’s aimed more at lolicons if your want to dig at its bulk of “fanservice” games in comparison to whats on the 3DS

          • Oh wow, that’s the most stupid comment i’ve ever seen about fanservice. Just asking, are you a 3DS fanboy?

          • Duc PC-QB

            He is

          • HarakiriKami


            I just carry a big Nvidia Shield :P

            Monpiece,Criminal Girls, that other game. Most of these service games are full of loli’s XD.

      • Except Love+, the other two games you mention here flopped miserably, so…

        • HarakiriKami

          Low sales = flop?
          Low sales = low shipment
          Low sales = high price
          Low sales = with the series expectation?
          Niche games barely break 30k sales most the time.
          You need to compare the actual sales to their series proportionally

          Things are only “flops” if they lose money

          • Pretty much the reason why SK2 flopped then.

          • HarakiriKami

            It didnt flop though XD

      • Duc PC-QB

        And all of them bombed so …. yeah

        • HarakiriKami

          Niche games have niche sales?

          Ya dont say.

  • NewestType

    Love how when kagura does horrible, we need multiple paragraphs to legitimize it’s current failure and to keep fans from anxiety peeing themselves.

    • HarakiriKami

      I dont think the SK Fans are the ones with issues.Besides their fetishes of course.

      Well I guess you have 3DS fans who are worried about getting shit from Vita fans because they’re a bunch of insecure crybabies who will shit on a game for the sake of platform wars because ” MINE IS BETTER FOR SUCH AND SUCH REASONS”

      • NewestType

        Yeah vita to 3ds should not have too much influence. But that’s a lame assumption on my part. Taken solely and not compared it does well for its kind if game

  • It’s wrong to say the anime helped SV sales. Considering it’s usually airing around midnight (or even later), only otakus would watch it. And otakus were already interested by Senran Kagura, so… Also, SK2 had an incredible promotion in Akihabara. Almost all shops put the game in front. It didn’t sell well. Now Takaki has to seriously analyze neat the fans want.

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