Tomonobu Itagaki On Dead or Alive 5: “My Daughter Was Totally Ruined”

By Ishaan . December 2, 2014 . 12:32pm


Remember Devil’s Third? That’s the third-person shooter being created by Tomonobu Itagaki, formerly of Team Ninja. Nintendo announced at E3 this year that they would be publishing the game, and had Itagaki’s studio, Valhalla, demonstrate it during their E3 livestream.


Of late, Itagaki has taken to Facebook to interact with his closest fans, and has been assuring them that Devil’s Third has come a long way since its E3 reveal, at least in terms of visual quality.


While replying to a fan asking about shooting mechanics, Itagaki stated: “This is a screenshot from the E3 build in June… good news for you guys here. The amount of progress we’ve made since then will surprise anyone. Higher-quality textures, improved weapon and environment models, better lighting… it’s looking completely different now.”


In another reply, Itagaki posted: “Buttons/levers assignment were changed from E3 version. Plus, HUD’s UI was changed, too.”


Prior to co-founding Valhalla Studios, Itagaki used to work at Team Ninja, where he developed Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. Despite the fact he resigned from Team Ninja years ago, Itagaki is still rather attached to the Dead or Alive series, which he helped create, and it looks like he isn’t happy with the way the more recent games have turned out.


In response to a fan complaining about Dead or Alive 5, Itagaki stated: “I have started to find how/what I can do for my daughter/DOA. Straightly speakin’, my daughter was totally ruined, spoiled. I can’t/shouldn’t avert my eyes from that fact. Many DOA fans here are crying, I will do something for DOA after I finished Devil’s Third.”


Itagaki was part of Team Ninja owner Tecmo until 2008, following which he left the company and sued them for unpaid bonuses. Ever since, he has had less-than-flattering things to say about the company, including one story about how he was tricked into releasing Dead or Alive 2 before it was complete.

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  • Dysisa

    I love it when good old Oatmeal Cookie is in the spotlight, he always brings the fun with him wherever he goes.

  • Combo

    So they ruined Dead or Alive by making the best Dead or Alive game without his consent? How dare they.

    • Txu Zai


  • Pedro Rosas

    I personally like DoA5 but idk what he means with it was ruined, it feels the same as the rest but more dynamic, or maybe he means about the fanservice?

  • Saruwatari Natsumi

    Ruined? lol wth … he left his “daughter” and now he cries like a baby

    • ronin4life

      He was worked like a dog, ridiculed and harrassed by his bosses amd promised pay he never recieved.

      They then took the game he helped make, changed entirely its visuals and turned it into a dlc and ‘super’ rerelease-fest basic fighter to match all the others.

      • Saruwatari Natsumi

        uuuuuuuuh. he comes some years too late. he act like a little girl now. he should move on finally and work on other games. the game is finally popular!! and now he comes and says the game is ruined? lol wtf. sure doa5 has DLC .. the most games have today DLC .. this is normal.. we are in the year 2014 and not 1995

        • Xeon2

          That doesn’t mean people don’t like it. DLC is infamous for being abused.

        • JeySigma

          i disagree when it comes to DLC.

          it’s NOT okay when a game is re-re-re-released 4 times for (almost)full price ranging from 40-60$ (DOA5, DOA5+, DOA5 ultimate, DOA Last round), when it could have been just extra addons to the vanilla version.
          It’s called shameless milking and it’s horrible (just like a certain Crapcom)

          Not to mention the crazy cost and amount of costume DLC’s.. many which are locked to certain versions too.
          It’s all unexcusable.

          • Saruwatari Natsumi

            don’t buy it? lol is this so hard?

          • Saruwatari Natsumi

            they only did doa5lr for the fans because they ask on fb and other sites for DOA5 for nextgen. now the people get it and they still cry

          • Saruwatari Natsumi

            crapcom.. hahaha i can’t read so much bullshit anymore sorry. don’t buy the fucking dlc if you hate it.. god damn. other people love the DLC. all companys have DLC.. open your eyes!

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Let’s end this DLC talk (not just you, everyone), it’s not going to get anywhere.

          • Misty Dawson

            Yeah, I remember when I unlocked all of the costumes instead of buying them on my 360.. sigh.

          • Slayven19

            yeh and doa4 didn’t even have many costumes either. not to mention that they were mostly palletswaps and people actually wanted dlc.

  • ShimaPantsu

    If he’s talking about visually I think it looks better than the generic anime faces it had before.

    • Malon

      That was part of the charm of the series, though.

      • Misty Dawson

        Yes, yes it was. That’s why I lost interest in 5.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    What does he mean by ruined?

  • KazukiNanbu

    a little to late to complain now and beside, wasn’t DOA 4, the last DOA Itagaki directed, the worst in the serie? (not in a “OMG its sucks” kind of way, more like “its not that good if you compare it with the DOA before this”)

  • Final Agent

    I like the new DOA designs myself, but I have to admit, the story was not improved in the least by the new team… not that it was that good to begin with though and I’d say that the new additions to the roster have been pretty good for the most part.

    So I guess while it hasn’t been all improved, I would still disagree with him on the ruined part.

  • AndyMAX

    Maybe he can make a ¨mature¨ fighting game for Nintendo.

  • Yeah, if Itagaki was still with Tecmo Koei, DoA would still be Dead On Arrival. DoA5 is pretty much the best iteration of the series and all it took was Itagaki leaving. Thank god for that.

    • DaiRaiOh

      It’s still not a particularly great fighting game overall on account of it’s balance being an absolute mess

      • The previous games were not known for their stellar balance job either. DoA5 is still better balanced than all the other titles combined (bar DoA2 maybe, but even that had its fair share of silliness).

        • DaiRaiOh

          Oh I know. But better balanced doesn’t mean much when a small portion of the cast are just insane amounts ahead of the cast.

          • CptPokerface

            But isn’t that how it is for most fighters anyways? That’s just how it is. There’s always going to be a select few characters who perform better than the rest.

          • DaiRaiOh

            Not like this. It’s fine to have some be better than the rest by a manageable amount. For this game, if you have quick non combo based knockups or crit stun chains (Ayane, Jan, etc.), you become the best character in the game as there’s no real defense built against them. There is no burst, there is no tag crash, there is no aerial recovery. They just hit you once or twice, and then half your health is just gone and there’s nothing you can really do about it as the hitboxes and invincibility frames tend to be really kind with a lot of moves needed to set that all up while your frame to input a counter command in is insanely small if there at all.

          • CptPokerface

            “They just hit you once or twice, and then half your health is just gone..”

            I don’t know man, still sounds like nearly every modern fighting game. Cammy in SF4 can kill you in 3 or 4 good reads. Law can do 30-40% damage combos in Street Fighter X Tekken off of anti-airs , and at no meter cost. Bob just tears people apart in Tekken and his offense is very difficult to break once it gets going. None of those games have bursts or anything of that nature either.

          • DaiRaiOh

            In other games you need reads and actual skill. In DOA, you just need the characters as it’s the actual mechanics that are broken. I’ve recently seen a ruby ranked player lose to an E rank who was just a blatantly worse player just because he used ayane and learned one combo with her as that’s all you need in the game on account of certain moves having essentially no weakness. For example, Ayane has one certain combo. An extremely quick mix-up that leads to a knock up. It shrinks her hit box and is quick enough that even if you do get a good read in, it doesn’t matter. It also recovers fast enough that the only time that you can punish her is when she’s in an unjuggleable air state at a distance so the most you can do is throw a light poke at her and knock her down. And if you throw anything but a quick move, block/back away, or mistime things but even a few frames, she can just almost instantly put out another knockup move that is even quicker with an almost impossible to hit hitbox. The only counter to any of that really is to counter, but the moves work in such a way that you have miniature frames to even input a counter command. That’s what sets it apart from other games. You don’t need skill to do well in the game. You just need to play certain character and exploit the fact that the game didn’t put any defense to certain mechanics as no amount of skill can actually work against them and the poorly thought out hitboxes on certain characters. It may be a fun game, but it’s never going to be anywhere near balanced. And defending a game by bringing up Street Fighter X Tekken is just funny. It really is. May as well bring up Budokai 3 next.

          • CptPokerface

            HEY..hey..Budokai 3 is the best game ever.

            But in all seriousness, while I totally understand where you’re coming from, my only point is that these types of exploits are found in several fighting games. Seems a bit harsh to crack down specifically on DOA5 when other games are just as guilty or even more so. If the E rank player was constantly going for that combo then, shouldn’t the ruby ranked player have reacted accordingly and changed plans to keep out of that situation?

            If it’s truly something broken, like pre-patch Kokonoe unblockables, so be it, but honestly this sounds like things pretty much every fighter has experienced at least once.

          • DaiRaiOh

            The thing with exploits is that there’s generally ways around them or their at least locked to the more skilled players (Ex. Zero’s loops in UMVC 3). In DOA5, it’s just blatant and available to even the worst players. It comes with adding a ton of attack options to the game but no new defense options. The game basically went from a 25/50 split between the two to a 100/50 one. And the problem is that a lot of these combos, you can’t adjust to them. That player tried but the options weren’t there. Can’t counter when even with a steady perfect connection, the timing is impossible to consistently. Can’t side step, because for some reason they also decided to give the move tracking between each hit. Can’t attack through it, because for the start up of the move, her hitbox is only in her upper torso which is well out of the range of any speedy attack meaning that you basically need dumb luck to get through it with a slow long range poke. That’s where the lack of balance come from. It’s not just that people can do them. It’s that consistently defending against them is near impossible to do. It’s why I stopped watching DOA5 tournaments. It got really boring to see a ton of Jans doing the same exact stun combo pretty much on repeat, no matter who the player. It wouldn’t be as bad if they tried to balance things but so many of these patches would just give small buffs to certain weak characters, but the blatantly strong ones were lucky to get slaps on the wrist. It just all makes for an unbalanced game that as a competitive game, is not good. It’s a great DOA game, a fun game, and they definitely could make a truly good game in the next one if they get their s*** together with the mechanics and odd hitboxes, but 5 as it is now has way too many problems to be taken seriously as a fighting game. A fighting game shouldn’t be so unbalanced that it makes me miss MVC2 levels of unbalanced.

          • CptPokerface

            If this is the case, then sure, continued adjustments should definitely be made. But honestly, I think if these things were as game breaking as you’d say then the community at large would be talking about it far more often within the FGC.

            I haven’t watched a lot of tournament of gameplay videos but I don’t see Jann Lee that often, nor do I see this alleged mix up being performed by Ayane’s this frequently. When Kokonoe was released it was nearly impossible not to hear about it, and I think Blazblue is a little more obscure than DOA. Maybe I just haven’t been seeing these tournaments where all these Jann Lee players are cleaning house, I don’t know.

            Repeated combos are something else that are characteristic of fighting games at a tournament may as well be complaining about Bnb’s if that’s the case.

            Maybe you have seen some broken stuff, I’m not in the position to dispute that, but i think there would be more of an uproar within the community itself if things were really that unbalanced. Besides this sounds like an experience through online play, which never really reflects the game exactly as it’s played in optimal conditions.

            To each their own, as they say.

          • guest131925

            All these complaints makes me think that DOA5 is actually going in the exact direction Itagaki wants, at least in terms of gameplay. If he’s not talking about the gameplay, he must be referring to something else.

          • d3v

            Tournament history has proven that balance has little to do with a game’s viability. Some of the most respected games have had lopsided balance (3rd Strike with Chun/Yun, Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s 4 Gods, and lets not forget Melee). All that matters is that the gameplay is interesting enough.

            In any case, you’re own interpretation of DOA5’s tiers is way off. Jan Lee is nowhere near the top (currently ranked at C-tier) with about half the cast with an equal or favorable match up against him. Additionally, most of the game’s bad match ups are only 6:4s with only a few 7:3s.

    • Woot Woot

      To be fair. There wouldn’t be 143 re-releases in the span of 6 months with 5684648758976 DLCs.

      • That’s your complaint and I respect it. That DLC, however, does not impact the core game in the slightest. If anything, the only DLC you would be ‘forced’ to get would be the new characters. Out of all fighting games, DoA5 is actually the one that’s had more support over it’s lifespan. That’s something I can respect instead of putting out the door and leaving it for dead.

        And honestly, re-releases and updates are a core part of fighting games. They’re not going away. Get used to it. You’ve had more than 10 years to get ready.

  • CptPokerface

    It’s stuff like this that makes me glad Itagaki is no longer the head of the series. He literally only cares about the fan service and sexy aspects of DOA. If he had it his way, DOA would just be a modelling sim or just nothing but annual Xtreme beach volleyball releases.

    I get that the attractive females are a defining element of the series but it’s still a fighting game and it’s performance as a fighting game cannot be ignored because of that. DOA5 introduced a fresh new look to the character, making them look better than they’ve ever been and vastly improved on the game mechanics.

    Sorry Itagaki, but the series hasn’t been ruined. It’s been refined.

    • HarakiriKami

      Man why the hate? You cant deny that Dead or alive is not what it was . It hasnt been since 2.

      • CptPokerface

        Of course it’s not what it was, it’s better now. Still retains why lots of people love DOA, the girls and the costumes, but the game itself, at it’s core is just better overall.

        It’s got nothing to do with hate. I don’t hate the man, not even close. But this isn’t the first time he’s gone on about something of his being “ruined” when the general consensus says otherwise. If any series is in need of his direct attention, it’s Ninja Gaiden.

        Also I don’t get what people are talking about when they say DOA “isn’t what it was”. Has it not been a series about very attractive people beating the crap out of each other because of plot reasons? Is it not still about very attractive people beating the crap out of people because of reasons?

        That’s the main thing I’m talking about. He loves to say how things of his are ruined but can’t ever seem to explain how, or why. And considering DOA5’s overall success, it’s hard to imagine he’s anything else but bitter here. It wouldn’t be the first time.

        • Kiyo Lomas

          When people say DOA isnt’ what it was; they are mainly talking about how it is presented and how much creativity was put into it such as in game features, stages, music. Details that were iconic in the series that made it its own style. Otherwise the updated graphic models and gameplay are fine. From the very start DOA5 didn’t even have Team Battle or the in game features of collectible items in Survival. Till this very day Survival in game features don’t look presentable like it did in the past of having those very details. The number of collectable items don’t even display at the end of the battle like it should like other DOA games did. Team Battle don’t even let you pick stages like other DOA game let you do. Stages don’t even look like DOA stages. They look bland and not as creative like DOA4, DOA2U’s stages. Those two games probably had the best maps ever. The decorative icons that represented wins were taken out, which should of stayed. As for stage music, it wasn’t hype enough to enjoy a battle. TN should of continued with character themes or at least made the stage music just as good as the character themes. There could of been a CGI intro and character endings. The replay feature after a battle shouldn’t have been taken out. DOA5 in general was stripped away from iconic features that always been a part or improved DOA to look presentable in its own way. They could of made Hi Res CGI character renders to give the characters a good impression. Otherwise DOA5 gameplay wise and graphic wise is the best. There just needs to be more creativity added back or improved in certain fields. :)

    • Shippoyasha

      Ain’t nothing wrong with fanservice. Gameplay-wise, DOA games have been solid too. Balancing has been off in a few Itagaki DOA entries, but it wasn’t bad. And I’m not shy about saying I actually really liked DOAX games. Though the DOAX editions so far has been ports and adaptation of the first game. So it’s not technically true that they even made actual sequels to DOAX. Not yet anyway. I would love to see a real DOAX sequel eventually. Especially now DOA5 had so many versions. Maybe the timing is right for one.

      • CptPokerface

        Not at all. And for me, who normally doesn’t care for a lot of fanservice, I feel like DOA gets it just right. It’s secondary to the action, and only helps make the characters look better(depending on personal tastes of course.) DOAX hits that point for me where it’s just too much for me, I lose interest fast.But those kinds of games have an audience, and honestly he should just stick to that.

        Plus, I don’t really get where people are getting this idea that everyone is hating on the older titles just because most agree that 5 is the best. Hell, 3 was one of my favorite games on the OG Xbox, and I even liked 4, considered to be the worst.

        If Itagaki could actually explain himself and his position, I think people wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard on him as they are, but he never does. And at this point, I’m afraid of what his answer would be if he DOES explain himself.

        • Shippoyasha

          Yeah. His comments are just way too vague to be sure. It just sounds like angry ex’s making jabbing comments at one another vaguely.

          I still have hope for a new DOAX and I honestly didn’t think it was all that pervy. You don’t really get to control the girls, and all you can do is take photos of pre-determined routines. All which are very vanilla. I think they can do some interesting things like maybe improving the volleyball gameplay (like showing off lines, making an actual stat-tracking, improving how one recruits/befriend other girls) and maybe making it more than just gravure as far as the interactivity goes.

          I think it’d be interesting if they can use DOA5’s clothing/water physics for a DOAX title.

          Makes me wonder what Itagaki meant though. Maybe he could be making another soft-erotica fighting game or a pure fanservice game. I’m ok with the guy having the competitive drive that way.

          • CptPokerface

            Yeah, that’s what I don’t get. It’s obvious he loves fanservice, so why doesn’t he just go and do a game all about fanservice? Just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. He’d be the perfect guy to helm a project like that.

            He’s not even a one trick pony..he’s a one trick donkey..he likes fanservice, wants to do nothing but fanservice, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d honestly be surprised if he added depth to anything else besides the fanservice, he never seemed to care about anything else before and I can’t imagine that’s changed.

            Ironic that he considers the series his daughter, yet he left it and only cares about it when it’s being sexy. I just feel like he sets himself wide open for the actual hate he gets.

            In any case, if he gets to do a game exactly how he wants, then all the power to him. Seems like he’s in a desperate need for a project like that.

          • Shippoyasha

            I don’t think that’s entirely true though. DOA games were still pretty advanced for their time (seriously, the way Xbox era DOA and Ninja Gaiden game looks is crazy. They looked high definition way before the advent of actual high def gaming), and Ninja Gaiden Black was definitively a gameplay masterpiece as well. That Ninja Gaiden revival was probably one of the best classic reimaginings I have ever seen. Ninja Gaiden 2 was pretty solid, though that was when the game was rushed out + Itagaki and Tecmo had a falling out. I actually consider Itagaki to be brilliant actually. Just that he has a very willful demeanor with game creation and that likely irks some of his co-workers and bosses.

            I don’t really mind the ‘daughter’ comments personally. He just has a flair for the dramatic and to be honest, I think he did do a great job of DOA games, even planning for a story based action game prequel that unfortunately didn’t pan out. DOAX1 was also a flash of brilliance IMO considering he basically tackled sports/fanservice/gambling games all in one and it was a time before the DLC era, so it was actually rather feature-packed as far as goodies you can get, like with trinkets and swimsuits. The other DOAX games were more like ports than anything. DOAX2 was more like a HD remix with Kokoro than a true sequel. Same with the PSP one.

          • CptPokerface

            I guess what it all comes down to is that he needs to start doing more kinds of games that he personally loves, because he really puts himself on the hot seat reaching out for sympathizers on the internet. Like he’s great when he’s working but not-so-great at communicating.

            It’s like he can do all these incredible things with his games but he never seems to take pride in any of the technical details. I don’t know, he’s..a strange guy, that much is certain.

  • Namuro

    Ah, so much hate for Itagaki-san, it seems…

    I find it funny how fans have the “rights” to complain about games / series that have changed over the years; and yet the co-creator gets bashed to hell for expressing his opinion.

    Lighten up, guys. If people can complain over silly stuff like Fire Emblem’s tiny feet and all, then surely Itagaki-san can complain about…whatever it is that he hates, I dunno. Just let him let off some steam.

    Anyway, I sure hope Devil’s Third will be as good as he claims it to be. I have high hopes for this game.

    • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

      I 100% concur. Gamers twitch with agonizing anger over the stupidest things, and then people blast someone who actually created the series. So silly.

    • CptPokerface

      It’s his opinion sure, but it looks pretty suspect on his part. He left DOA ages ago, and then DOA 5 comes out, sells the most in the franchises history, and now here he is talking about how the series is “ruined”, with no real reason given as to why he feels that way or how. He wasn’t made to leave, he left of his own volition, there was no reason he couldn’t have taken the series in whatever direction he wanted it to go.

      It comes off as petty badmouthing, even if that’s not the intention.

      • neospite

        of course DOA5 sold more, it was released on both PS3 and Xbox 360, twice! And also on PSVita. Not to mention DOA4 was released close to the 360 launch so less people would have had 360’s. And then there’s DOA5’s focus on DLC…

        I agree he hasn’t really given a good reason for why he hates DOA5. Maybe he thinks it needs more Aerosmith.

        • Caleb Kinkaid

          It does need more Aerosmith.

        • Slayven19

          OK but doa2 was released on 3 things as well, it was also remade again as welll. itagaki could have released the games on all systems but he was an xbox whore.

    • Sion12

      i dont play DoA but but saying the game is “ruined” since his departure make him sound like a arrogant prick with no respect to his co worker.

      • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

        NInja Gaiden and DOA 5 DLC is showing though.

      • HarakiriKami

        You really dont know huh?

    • Souffrir

      Except Itagaki doesn’t have legitimate complaints; he’s proven time and again that he’s just a horrible, bitter person who’ll lash out at anybody and everybody if he has someone to listen to him.

      • HarakiriKami

        Good lord

        • Souffrir

          Maybe what I’ve seen reported on him is a very biased selection. Maybe you could link me to something he’s said about video games or the industry since he left Tecmo that isn’t hyping his studio and/or Devil’s Third, and isn’t him bitching.

  • Cephrien

    The only thing I miss about DOA when Itagaki was on board are the sweet Aerosmith fighting montages that would play at the start of each game. :c

  • J_Joestar

    haven’t touched a DOA game since 2, what exactly is the problem with the new ones?

    • Brion Valkerion

      The problem is that they are better than the ones he made lol. Pretty much the entire DoA community disagrees with him and how he makes games. The new team is not perfect but they made a vastly better game with DoA5 than 3 and 4 which Itagaki helmed.

      • colorblindnightmare

        The opposite can be said about Ninja Gaiden as well.

      • HarakiriKami

        Itagaki doesnt even like 4.

        With good reason XD

  • Yan Zhao

    lol DOA5 was the best entry in the series by far, both visually and balance/gameplay.

    The only bad thing they are doing is the endless DLC costumes they are pooping out.

    Let’s not forget Itagaki was the one who gave the series it’s 100% fanservice reputation in the first place. Hell look at Rachel and Sonia in Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2.

    If he’s going to do something for DOA5 after Devils Third as he claims, he’s free to return and make a new Xtreme Beach Volleyball or something of that nature, for the pervy portion of the fanbase, hell I’m one of them, not gona deny that :3

    • ndjn3979

      I ono, internet can satisfy much better than the games nowdays.

      If you know what I mean :3

      • Yan Zhao

        DOA5 photorealistic enough :3

    • Souffrir

      …I don’t think I want to know how much DLC Team Ninja would churn out for XBV3.

      • Yan Zhao

        They’ll release the nude DLC eventually, worth every penny :3

  • Once Itagaki was out the door, the series has blossomed and turned out to be freaking great. Ninja Gaiden in the other hand, not so much. I always felt the guy was super overrated, DOA5 series is deep as hell imo.

    • colorblindnightmare

      I always felt Itagaki was great when it came to Ng but kinda meh whenbit came to doa. He left, NG tanked, and DOA blossomed lol.

  • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

    If he means it was ruined by ridiculous amounts of stupid DLC and Capcomifying the series, then yeah I wholeheartedly agree.

    • MrTyrant

      So much this.

    • JeySigma

      I completely agree.

      The DLC costumes alone is completely disgusting when it comes to the milking and greed. And it’s worse seeing how people keep paying for it at those exorbitant prices

      • Combo

        If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. You don’t complain when a store sells a product you don’t want, so why would you complain that someone’s selling costumes you’re not going to buy?

        • JeySigma

          your reasoning is basically “turn a blind eye to horrible practices”. How is that alright ? We’re talking about abuse of DLC’s here.

          Remember the day when games came out and had everything unlockable in them? I doubt you do or even care. or would you rather keep paying for these aesthetic unlocks. Im not falling for corporate greed

          • CptPokerface

            Considering that theres a fair number of unlockable costumes in-game, I don’t really get this complaint.

          • Combo

            “Horrible practice” is subjective. It’s only shit because you think it’s shit.

    • fairysun

      This stupid DLC practice, yes, it ruins the game.

      But in term of gameplay, model, background, they are great. The only thing that haven’t been on DoA 2 level is the music. Now if only they can compose music that is on equal level with ‘The Shooted’ or ‘Break the Age’

      • d3v

        The DLC is optional. You don’t need it to enjoy the core game.

  • ReidHershel

    Someone’s got sand in their vagina.

  • Monterossa

    ruined? DOA5 is one of the best fighting games I’ve ever played in my life. not for the boobs but the gameplay is awesome.

    • ndjn3979

      I used to look down on it as a poor man’s softcore mag game, but it does seem to have solid gameplay.

    • colorblindnightmare

      Or “boobs and badasses” as my brother calls it. The gamrs mechanics and grapgics are truly excellent, the boobs are just a “perk” pardon the pun.

    • zero254

      Nowhere near the levels of 2 and 3 sadly. Still missing the depth those had from gameplay standpoints. I don’t really care about graphics.

    • ALfromHELLSING

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Vesperion

      Dunno about DOA, but they could sure use his help with Ninja Gaiden.

  • Nitraion

    DoA 5 has best gameplay and graphic
    The only one that ruined it its constant update/lot of version, a lot of dlc costume and lack of story in arcade mode or i can say bad directing in story mode

  • ivanchu77

    Before it was cute girls with big boobs and shitty gameplay, now it´s cute girls with big boobs and good gameplay

    Go fap to DOA hentai and don´t touch the game ever again please

    • Misty Dawson

      No.. Just no. DOA4 was probably the best one I played. Now.. It looks like every other game out there.

      • d3v

        DOA4 was universally reviled by the competitive DOA community.

  • AkuLord3

    I like how people are acting like the past games were “bad” before this one. Might have gotten better gameplay wise but you kinda suppose to see that happen.
    Also can’t really give him shit when he didn’t really say what he didn’t like (ok you can). If he was talking about Ninja Gaiden, everyone would cool with it.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    “my daughter/DOA”

    I want to see DOA-tan in the next game. Oh, and in a crazy twist, she’ll actually be totally flat chested.

    • John Hayabusa

      She would make a great representative in a future Nep game (I am enjoying Re;Birth1 btw).

      • 古戸ヱリカ

        Did they improve the frame rate in any of the newer ones? Mk 2 was kinda painful to play because of that.

        • OneOkami

          I’ve only played the original Neptunia on PS3 and compared that one, Re;Birth is much smoother and more fluid.

      • OneOkami

        I’m trying to enjoy it but man…grind city (unless I’m doing something wrong).

  • Quan Chi

    The best DOA will always be number 2 ;)

  • Bob Obb

    DOA5 is garbage straight up. Only Itagaki’s old team understood what made DOA special. It wasn’t just the girls… although even the girls in DOA5 are unappealing. They all look like skanks now.

    • Combo

      I dunno, looking like a realistic skank is better than looking like a blow-up doll.

    • Saruwatari Natsumi

      the old doa wasn’t popular enough .. it was the end for DOA.. and now DOA5 is really popular. that he leaves tecmo was the best for DOA

    • CptPokerface

      Really? So in your opinion, what made DOA special? Because quite frankly, anything that the series has been made famous/infamous for has been improved.

      • HarakiriKami

        Yes DLC and a screwed up single players + better than ever

        • CptPokerface

          DLC is a personal issue which I can’t really comment too much on. You either like it or you don’t. Doesn’t say a thing about the games overall quality.

          How is the single player even messed up?

    • Quiet Gear Soild

      Go play with your barbie dolls Bob.

    • d3v

      Except that DOA4, which was Itagaki’s masterpiece is universally hated by the DOA community.

  • SupaPhly

    that’s no moon D:

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    He didn’t really state what he didn’t like with DOA5… I’d like to know straight up, because a lot of us are really just assuming as of right now.

    Curious what he will do in regards to DOA after Devil’s Third… looking forward to that game.

    • Rick R

      Probably that it’s the best in the series and he had nothing to do with it. He’s probably really upset about them not looking like dolls anymore.

    • Göran Isacson

      Yeah I was gonna say- WHAT is he disliking about this? Saying that “his daughter has been ruined” just makes him sound like the kind of fans he would probably gleefully have made fun of in the past. Examples would be better.

  • James Reilly

    LMAO If Itagaki really cared about his “daughter” (I forgot he always used that term) he should not have left to bank on the success of Devil Third. With how DoA 4 turned out and promoting the beach game spin-offs I have little sympathy for him in regard to his reaction to current DoA like him still being with DoA would magically make things better.

    Outside of the optional DLC cosmetic costumes that apparently people have no problem buying (they are not locked on the disc) DoA 5 is a much better game from a gameplay/graphics/story/etc perspective. Unless you really miss the anime blowup doll aesthetic or Aerosmith.

    If he was talking about NG then yeah he would have more credibility to be listened to.

    • Shippoyasha

      I had no issues with the ‘barbie doll’ look of the past. It has its own certain level of charm. I think a lot of these comments by Itagaki comes from his intense sense of ownership of many series. But I don’t see a need to crap on either his DOAs or the new ones.

  • Kaetsu

    So much hate for Itagaki here O_O
    I’ve never gotten into the DOA series so I can’t really comment on that but I will say that Ninja Gaiden has been terrible since Itagaki left. I’m looking forward to Devil’s Third and I wish him and his company luck.

    • Anime10121

      Dead or Alive is currently the best its been since 2.

  • Gojira Twit

    Oh come on, who is honestly surprised? Itagaki hated everything that he wasn’t involved in, especially if it was something he helped create. Go on, ask him if he’s ever liked something done in DoA without his permission. He will plunge a ballpoint pen into your trachea and return to his whiskey shots.

    • Hexodious

      This pretty sums up Itagaki in a nutshell.

    • Repede91

      If i remember correctly he was giving negative comments about Sigma 1 publicly before or soon after it`s release.

  • sakanaとkoeda

    I don’t think a good, ethical father should be selling his “daughter” to eager male “players” to begin with. He started her ruination, and she hit it big without him. (I do not support the objectification of real, 3D women >_>)

    • DrForbidden

      But why are you complaining about the objectification of fictional 2D women, then?

      • Because it can be important too~. But they weren’t really complaining anyway, just making a fair point.

      • sakanaとkoeda

        I’m not~ merely playing along with his poor choice of words~ with a disclaimer~

        • DrForbidden

          Oh, ok.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      DOA girls aren’t real dude :v
      well…they can be real if you want to believe so

  • Quiet Gear Soild

    He talking about over 500 DLCs guys not Dead or Alive 5.

  • icup ✔️

    he was also tricked into groping his female coworkers…

    • Kaetsu

      I’m pretty sure he was founded not-guilty.

      • icup ✔️

        he admitted to kissing her and called their relationship consensual while the other side said it was unwanted… both got demoted.

        “if” the girl was the real victim you can clearly see the how the justice system in japan works. with slight manipulation of words and power both side took the blame deterring other victims fearing the same consequences.

  • Souffrir

    You’re the one who raised her as a whore, Itagaki, I’m not sure why you’re complaining now that she’s continuing under the tutelage of a new pimp.

    Also: lol Itagaki still thinks he’s relevant.

    • SmokeWeedEveryday

      The voice of quality is always relevant. Ninja Gaiden Black is, and probably will always be, the greatest action game ever made.

      • Souffrir

        …I’m sorry, this is really more my fault than yours, but I’d have an easier time taking your point more seriously in this case if it weren’t for your name.

  • DrForbidden

    Itagaki’s definition of his daughter NOT being ruined:

    Almost all the endings are equally vapid, so enjoy the classiness on Youtube!

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Living Blow-Up Doll In A Train: The Short Version

      That CGI quality is unnerving.

    • HarakiriKami

      There’s a reason he left after 4 you know.

      DOA2 is the best. Itagaki knows this

      • d3v

        3.1 is the best and the community knows it.

    • Monterossa

      who the hell breaks a train for a deer? and kicking people out like that would have been a murder case.

      • Symbol de Au

        XD Makes so little sense… A train Braking for a deer despite the fact that trains take a mile to brake fully, her blouse coming unbuttoned, everyone cheering that she kicked him out the train, killing a man for falling, and how does that ending bring closure to anything? I haven’t played the game but that’s an “ending” really? Wow…

        Best ending. Seriously I love it.

    • Symbol de Au

      There is nothing wrong with that ending. That’s not sarcasm either.

      • DrForbidden

        Well, sure, technically there’s nothing wrong with it other than it being fucking stupid and pointless…

        I can also say there’s nothing wrong with DOA5 either, aside from crappy DLC practices.

        The point I was making is that the guy responsible for ridiculous endings like that has no business accusing other people of ruining his baby.

  • That’s what you get for sexual abuse charges Itagaki, good riddance

  • Tonton Ramos

    So what’s the difference between Itagaki to Inafune, Kamiya, and Mikami?

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      Pervert Rock Star Video Game God, Abilities Stealer Mecha Video Game God, Master of Combat Biker Video Game God, and Crawling Chaos Video Game God respectively

      • HarakiriKami

        Inafune’s a business man.

        • Ni ~Algidus~

          Thomas Edison Video Game God then

    • HarakiriKami

      One plays the pipe, the other plays a stick, one taught the other to play the stick and the other is a crafty salaryman with a pension for drawing robots.

  • Huh…little bit creepy that he refers to DOA as his “daughter” but I suppose it’s not out of the norm for people to say that something they’ve created is their “baby”.

    Needless to say, I’ve been reading countless article titles chastising DOA 5. So, I take it many gamers were dissatisfied with the final product, which is most unfortunate.

    As for myself, I’ve heard of and played a few DOA games (only the fighting ones…I still want to play Extreme Beach Volleyball…because well, reasons). The only one I’ve ever OWNED was DOA: Dimensions. I enjoyed that.

    • d3v

      This is as far from the truth as possible. The core DOA community is very happy with DOA5 especially since it’s more or less the most competitively viable the game has been since 3.1.

    • Lol I thought that was creepy. So many levels for a number of reasons. It doesn’t help that he really does sound like a bitter whiner here; but if he was snubbed, I guess he has every right to be salty.


    Poor thing is upset over not getting money from DLC. Dead or Alive 5 hands down is the best entry in the series. Itakagi himself would probably never release DOA5 anyway. As for people not satisfied with the game, people are never satisfied. Old news.

    Thank you Mr. Itakagi for creating my favourite fighting franchise and sayonara, it’s has only gotten better since you left.

    • HarakiriKami

      You guys seem salty as hell

      • Slayven19

        salty about what? you seem salty that we arent sucking up to itagaki.

      • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owltron

        As if you weren’t any better…

      • zaidandzhadow

        don’t try to argue with people in need of waifus

  • Robert Kupper

    I don’t know much about DoA, but I hope his new game has come a long way from E3, because it looked awful. Everything about it was a mess.

  • Oh, Itagaki – you and the stupid, crazy things you say…. All I can say is, good on Yosuke Hayashi & co. for putting out a game that wasn’t pervy enough, or loaded with inappropriate Aerosmith music enough, to make Itagaki-san happy :D

    DOA5U is clearly better than every other version of the game. End of story; doesn’t even need defending, lol. Also, nothing’s better than having the current Team Ninja NOT make DOA Xtreme games anymore :D THANK YOU. HAYASHI!

    Current Team Ninja > Valhalla Studios. I mean, in the time it’s taken for Valhalla to NOT get Devil’s Third done (including asking THQ to help out on production around 2010-2011, when they switched over to Darksiders 2’s engine), Team Ninja has done NG Sigma 2, Metroid Other M, the 3 iterations of DOA5, collaborated with Omega Force on Toukiden & Hyrule Warriors, collaborated with whoever made Fatal Frame, engineered up the new Tecmo-Koei “Soft Engine” and more. Haha.

    Itagaki is simply not as good as he thinks; nowhere near. He seems really insecure and weird. I kinda am curious about how he got this way?

    • SmokeWeedEveryday

      Who would have guessed the larger, more stable studio with more money would make more stuff? Besides, Other M and Sigma 2 are nothing to be proud of, nor is the horde of cashgrab DLCs and rereleases that is DOA5.

      • Slayven19

        Itagaki did rereleases as well. also sigma 2 was a good game. the cash grab aspect doesnt really matter cause the overall game is better. not to mention that the dlc kept existing because of fans asking for it.

    • HarakiriKami

      HELL NO.

    • zaidandzhadow

      DOA5U have not even the 30% of DOA4 online plays, so most of the internet people disagree with you, while faces look a LOT better there’s a bigger need in terms of gameplay.

      • d3v

        DOA4 is universally considered to be the worst entry in the series among the games hardcode competitive community.

        • gamebabble

          Maaan that always puts me in a weird spot because I agree except for one thing: Lisa. Lisa changed DOA for me and I can’t go back to a Lisa-less DOA. So I do enjoy DOA4 more than what came before…but OH EGAD I love DOA5 so much more.

        • zaidandzhadow

          You said it = fact

      • AugustAPC

        DoA4 doesn’t even have 30% of the competition DoA5U has.
        DoA5 is far better than DoA4, visually and technically.

        • zaidandzhadow

          yeah right specially when DOA5U is in no Big Fighting Tournament, unless the own TN is giving the grand prize, like umm DOA4 did at it’s time

    • Shippoyasha

      But I liked DOAX.. And for what it’s worth, DOA games aren’t really THAT pervy as advertised. Sure it has cute girls and sexual costumes, but DOAX was pretty vanilla. Almost too much so.

  • Isuke-sama

    Oh Tomonobu, you unlikable son of a bitch.

  • Oh shit, Itagaki has an open Facebook?? Friend request sent.

  • Michael Sosa

    DOA has always been a crappy fighter. People who don’t have the qualities for vf play DOA. If you are good at vf there is NO NEED, like at all to be playing this pos series.

    • zaidandzhadow

      While it’s more difficult to play well VF, i don’t see vf pros snatching DOA’s tournament prizes, your argument is invalid.

      • Jadfish

        Just being a pro at VF requires you to spend at least 20 hours a day practicing. They don’t have time for any other games.

        THAT’S VF!

        • guest131925

          DOA isn’t much easier either. Nearly all fighting games have some sort of lockup practices.

        • zaidandzhadow

          And it’s slated by you a common fan of VF, now the truth is revealed.

      • Michael Sosa

        Wow talk about a dumb comment. In your logic basketball players should play korfball because they would own in that game. People don’t play lower tier bs games when they have the skills to play quality games. F1 drivers don’t go playing carts with little kids, it doesn’t make any sense.

        • Slayven19

          Your sports example doesn’t make much sense either, they are playing sports for way bigger bucks. These are video games and people most certainly do play other fighters even if they are at the top for extra cash if they can because they want the money.

          Japanese players do it all the time, there are some SF players that play blazeblue and arcana hearts. There are also top sf players that play MVC3, a game that isn’t taken all that serious among the fighting game circle.

        • zaidandzhadow

          Yeah, cause pro players don’t care about the money

    • aizen310

      The elitism is strong in this one.
      HEIL VF! :/

  • Zizal

    Itagaki’s name sure attracts a lot of haters. I hope nintendo gives him a fair chance to piss off more people because doing what you want should be what creators do. They don’t have much to say about his games and his creation so they go spread the hate about his personal life. In short stay mad haters.

    • landlock

      Honestly I’ll be sort of surprised if The Devil’s Third ever comes out. I’ll be even more surprised if it’s any good after all this time and changes.

  • HarakiriKami

    Man Siliconera, you guys sure love stroking controversy.

    But could you guys actually talk about Devils Third? Please?

    Here’ I’ll give you a start:

    「デビルズサード開発状況 ~ DT development status」


    1. デビルズサードは、アクションゲームとシューターを高度に融合させたゲームメカニズムを有する。

    2. 開発は順調だ。わかりやすく言えば、つい先日エンディングムービーの編集を終えた。

    3. 発売は来年だ。これは任天堂がプレスリリースで既にディスクローズしている。

    4. デビルズサードのソロプレイ(ストーリーモード)の規模は、これまでに私が作ったNINJA GAIDEN以上である。

    5. オンラインマルチプレイは、これまでのコンソールゲームの水準を大幅に上回る規模のものだ。

    6. DTで私がやりたかった仕様は、ほとんどすべて実装した。

    7. ゲームはカジュアルからハードコアゲーマー、みんなが楽しめるようにした。

    8. 今日、話せることはここまでです。


  • Soul.v2

    not much of a DoA fan so but I have played abit of 2 and 5. I think they were pretty good. What I’m curious about is what the fans were/are complaining about?

    • d3v

      Most core fans, especially the tournament players, find 5 to be one of the best in the series (alongside 3.1).

    • Stranger On The Road

      the link to the facebrick question is in the article. The fan is complaining that he doesn’t like the graphics of DoA; seem to prefer to older ‘lighter’ graphics.

      • Soul.v2

        know that you mentioned it I do notice how graphical wise it seems to have gone more darker.

        • d3v

          Actually, 5 is pretty close in tone, in terms of graphics, to 3. People are just used to 4 flashy style (even though, as a fighting game, it’s pretty bad).

          • Soul.v2

            graphically I was comparing it to 2 I never played 3 or 4 although from the what the FB fans are saying 4 was probably the best

  • Symbol de Au

    I remember in an interview a long time ago before the game came out that he was fine giving his daughter off for marriage…I wonder what he doesn’t like about it now that it’s out. Course I haven’t played it cuz too much DLC heh. Don’t get me wrong…well…Don’t get me wrong twice. I hate DLC but I’m also ok with it. I’m even glad people are buying it. That doesn’t make any sense to you but it makes sense to me. I could probably try to explain but nah.

  • kaisergali

    weird, ironically DOA is not famous because of its gameplay or mechanics. Really its famous because of the girls and nothing else. I didn’t knew male existed until I saw siliconera covering the dlc content and saw male characters XD.

    • Symbol de Au

      I’m pretty sure there were more male characters than female until this entry.

      • kaisergali

        That’s the point, All the female cast over shadow any male character in this fighting series. People don’t talk about the counter mechanics or stage switching. They talk about how Kasumi and Ayame look so good in those outfits. I do wish the series is more known about its mechanics and not about the female character rooster which to be fair all games in the franchise sell with that.

        • guest131925

          I am hearing a bunch of such fan talks in other fighting games too. People do talk about game mechanics but it’s just you who aren’t listening.

          • kaisergali

            Really?? where?? Usually they just talk Kasumi, Ayame or any female fighter in the series. Not to be offensive but, that’s the thing regarding DOA. ITs not famous for any of the combat mechanics which made the game more interesting. Stage interaction, counter and maybe other things I see in the game.
            Its not that I’m not listening its that such fan talks for DOA are that, the girls in the game. Even here I didn’t here of the mechanics being placed into the table unitl this guy talked.

          • ShinobiBrown

            DoA isn’t famous for it’s mechanics because it’s basically a poor man’s Virtua Fighter with flashy moves and jiggling tits slapped on. It’s literally all style and little substance. The people who want gameplay depth are playing Virtua Fighter, not DoA.

  • Shippoyasha

    There’s really no need to take sides and go on a warpath because Itagaki feels he doesn’t have control over DOA anymore (which he doesn’t) and it’s really irresponsible of fans to bring up his past projects that way especially when he has left the company on an especially sour note. His response is pretty predictable considering what has happened.

    Itagaki did an amazing job with DOA games when he was there, but I feel Team Ninja did a fantastic job of DOA5. While personally, I feel Ninja Gaiden needs a bit of Itagaki’s touch considering the last few Ninja Gaiden games feel like it’s missing the edge of the Xbox gen Ninja Gaidens.

    Either way, I have a lot of respect for both the current and past Team Ninja, both with or without Itagaki. Especially for DOA, I feel it’s always been a compelling and fun series (even if they may not have always been very balanced). I honestly have no idea why people are taking up arms for one side or the other.

    • landlock

      Ninja Gaiden went down the toilet Yaiba was a joke, utterly terrible. I can’t even think of a redeeming feature. NG3 was playable at least.

      • guest131925

        I think Yaiba was just getting no attentions for some reasons. Have you played it before?

        • landlock

          Yeah about halfway but then I couldn’t take it anymore honestly. Such a disappointment. Doubt we’ll see another NG for along while.

      • Setsu Oh

        razor’s e wasnt playable?

        • landlock

          Razor’s Edge was NG3.

          • Setsu Oh

            no. kof 98 um isnt 98

          • landlock

            Sorry, come again?

    • DrForbidden

      “I have started to find how/what I can do for my daughter/DOA. Straightly speakin’, my daughter was totally ruined, spoiled. I can’t/shouldn’t avert my eyes from that fact. Many DOA fans here are crying, I will do something for DOA after I finished Devil’s Third.”

      That’s not “I feel like I no longer have control over DOA anymore.” That’s “You assholes raped my daughter and I’m going to make you pay later.” Never mind the fact that KT owns DOA and can do whatever they want with the franchise.

      People are taking sides because Itagaki’s words are fighting words, predictable or otherwise. The man has a huge ego, and this has always been obvious.

      And how is it irresponsible to bring up his past games, exactly? If he’s going to style himself as the best thing to happen to the DOA franchise since forever while everyone working on the game now suck elephant testicles, don’t detractors get to point out the parts of his old games which don’t stand up to scrutiny? Why is it okay for Itagaki and his ego to say unflattering things about his experiences at KT which are in the past, yet it’s suddenly irresponsible when someone points out unflattering or terrible aspects of his old games?

      I don’t particularly care about Itagaki’s spat with KT, but really, the guy needs to move on. Publicly posting arrogant shit about the franchise you once worked on but don’t own is just painting a target on yourself.

      • Setsu Oh

        NO. you dont move on from your babies, & i think he can come back as a consultant & help a lot with his team. they need the money, we need tighter screws on doa’s mechanics, & it is RIGHT ON THE MONEY: both LR & his game will go out same period. whichmeans hell work on….DOA 6!

        • DrForbidden

          1). Itagaki will likely never agree to work with KT again.

          2). I think it’s sad that you think you can never move on from your babies. They grow up and they’ll never be yours forever. Refusing to let them go just hurts everyone involved. Kind of like what Itagaki is doing.

      • Shippoyasha

        But I loved his older games too, his beef with Tecmo or no. Let’s be frank: this is like kicking a hornet’s nest just to do so. I get that Itagaki feels strongly this way, but I feel there’s plenty good to be said about his older games without lending credence to his fighting words.

        • DrForbidden

          I really enjoyed the first two Ninja Gaiden Sigma games. I admit that he can make some pretty damn good games, but his ego really grates on me sometimes. He needs to realise that the absolute best revenge he can have on KT isn’t to bitch about his old franchises on social media, but to just shut up, shrug it off, and put that anger into making freaking amazing games that blow everyone out of the water.

    • guest131925

      I think Sega’s influence over DOA should be gone. Then DOA will be much better than it is now.

      • d3v

        But many of the changes in DOA5 that make it a superior game competitively were made to allow the VF characters to work in the system.

        • guest131925

          It depends on when Sega wants DOA5 as a lesser VF when they aren’t managing to make a better VF at the moment. I believed that it’s not entirely Team Ninja/Hayashi’s faults.

      • ShinobiBrown

        “Sega’s influence” is the reason DoA even exists. Do you know the franchise’s development history? If you did you would know WHY there are Virtua Fighter characters in 5. If it weren’t for Virtua Fighter and Sega’s engine used for VF’s development, DoA wouldn’t have happened.

        • guest131925

          You don’t know English, do you? I said influences, not tools. So Guilty Gear is developed under Unreal, does Unreal have a say on what it should be? Please, try harder next time.

  • Nicholas Perry

    This guy is so full of shit.

    • Yup, one of the two fighting game producers I really can’t stand. The other one is Yoshinori Ono.

  • AAa

    Remember guys.
    This guy said he hate Tekken. But he took a pic with Harada. So whatever he said might be the reverse. Maybe ruined means VERY GOOD.

    • DrForbidden

      You can hate something yet still like the person who created it, you know…

      • AAa

        MIGHT…i don’t know what going on in his mind so..

    • Setsu Oh

      ?? nazis hated the jews did they throw the jews money & golden teeth out? of course no! if nazis of alll things have lvls why not other ppl?

  • Jadfish

    Is he mad about how much fanservice there is in DOA5…. or how little?

    • Setsu Oh

      doa isnt about fanserv. makes me mad their abuse of its image. underneath it is a competent mechanics filled game.

      • Slayven19

        DOA has always been about fan-service since Day 1 on the saturn. You must’ve been living under a damn rock or something.. It has competent mechanics but its still always been about fan-service, why do you think boobs have always bounced and there’s an obserd amount of skimpy costumes in most doa games even before 5.

        • icup ✔️

          some people just don’t like admitting it. it’s full of fanservice even though it’s a pretty decent figther and a fun game.

  • Setsu Oh

    if an underpowered console is the price to save games, im glad to pay it!!

    • matt

      It’s not underpowered in terms of performance,power is mhz/ghz basically nothing more….ps4/xbox1 are under performers.

  • You know, I kinda agree with him I’m. Doa had been ruined… By him and dead or alive 4!! Doa5 has its problems, but at least I can say with all seriousness that it’s fun. That’s one up on doa4!

    Ninja gaiden is pretty much a wreck at this point though.

  • Keiji Johnson

    I don’t get it. What is it that people hate about DOA 5? Is it because of the changes given to the female fighters or was it the new editions in the battle system? Because I really didn’t mind these changes. Mostly because this and Dimensions were the first DOA games I’ve ever played. And comparing the designs of most of the female fighters from the previous games up until now, I actually favor the more realistic redesigns in 5 more. I may be in the wrong here, but that is part of my opinion.

    • d3v

      Because they don’t like how competitive, tournament focused the game has become.

      • Soul.v2

        lol I’d think that would be good thing

  • Xinen

    I actually really enjoy where it is now. At least we get updates and costumes with a fun fighting game that me and the lovely lady can enjoy. Hell she plays it more than me.

  • gamebabble

    Please don’t, Itagaki. DOA and Team Ninja is better without you.

    • gamebabble

      Infact, DOA went from “amusing curiosity” to “best fighter of the generation” now that you’ve left. I love this game and it is doing everything right now.

    • Ercoman

      Ninja Gaiden 3 and Metroid Other M indicate otherwise.

      • Sckarton

        NG3 have been fixed by release of razor edge version. as for other m, blame sakamoto for the horrible direction it has.

    • AntiVenom

      really? team ninja is a chicken without head, no ideas, horrible engine, nothing close to the quality of their ancestors and to talk about the terrible ninja gaiden 3.

  • Callonia

    Ruined, how?

  • Crimrui

    Really? I hold DoA5 as one of the best fighters around. The feeling of each kick and punch is superb. Definitely improved since this guy left. Sexy girls with perfect bodies is jut a big plus.

    • Anubisseesall

      The game is definitely different and the flow has changed but certainly not for the worse. Itagaki is a great developer but a bit full of himself.

    • fool

      I found it was the complete opposite. The feel of the attacks used to be much thumpier and chunkier, especially DOA3. Itagaki took that secret spice when he left. Also compare Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3. Heck just compare Ninja Gaiden 2 and Sigma 2. The animations are still sweet in the newer games but that tuning and timing to give it physicality is gone.

    • ShadowDivz

      My thoughts exactly.
      The sexy girls are awesome. Hell, take those away and you still have a very good fighter.

      • uPadWatcher

        It’s never a DoA game without female fighters. You should know that.

    • WhyWai

      I find DOA5 great. especially for casual gamer for my friends and I…

  • CozyAndWarm

    Well I know one aspect of DOA5 that needs some serious tweaking… it needs to come out on Wii U (or PC) already

  • ShadowDivz

    …what exactly CAN he do?

    • Offer to direct? Goddammit he can try.

  • ShinobiBrown

    For as long as characters can counter hold OUT OF HIT STUN ANIMATION, the game will always be whack in my eyes. Fun to play for a few seconds, but definitely not a fighter I’m willing to dedicate hours to learn. I don’t agree with the way stuns are handled in the game on a game design level so I can’t be bothered. To hell with the tits, that’s not what I play fighting games for. DoA has always been lack luster in my eyes. I won’t argue 5 is a step in the right direction mechanically, but I will argue that the game still isn’t as good or fun as say Tekken, Soul Calibur, and definitely not Virtua Fighter. Not even close.

    • Soul.v2

      do you mean when a character is stunned they can still parry strikes? coz I too thought that was kinda weird since there is still a risk in comboing

  • Gojuu

    am i the only one that misses its cute anime looking character models?

  • WhyWai

    My thought is: Lets release your game first before talking. Team Ninja has release/re-release 4-5 games awhile you are gone be it great or mediocre.

  • wahyudil

    I like recent DOA than Itagaki’s DOA … I don’t know what his fans crying for???

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