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Devil’s Third Servers Have Officially Shut Down For Online Play

By Sato . December 30, 2016 . 1:30am

As Nintendo announced back in June, they’ve discontinued the online service for Devil’s Third, the multiplayer part of Valhalla Game Studios’ Wii U shooter.

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Devil’s Third Online Is Shutting Down For Wii U On December 29, 2016

By Sato . June 23, 2016 . 12:30am

Nintendo announced today that starting December 29, 2016 service for Devil’s Third’s online features will shut down for good. The game made its debut on August 4, 2015.

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Devil’s Third Is Back In Stock, Get It While You Still Can

By Sato . February 12, 2016 . 8:00pm

Devil’s Third released in North America with little available in stock, but Nintendo recently restocked for some retailers, so you can get it while it lasts.

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Devil’s Third Launch Trailer Has Tattoos, Drum Kits, And Explosions

By Jenni . December 7, 2015 . 11:30am

The latest Devil’s Third trailer starts with Ivan performing a drum solo that leads into three minutes of game footage.

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Devil’s Third Online Launches In Japan In January, Adds Voice Chat, PvE, And More

By Sato . November 12, 2015 . 4:30am

Devil’s Third Online’s open beta starts next month in Japan, and the game will feature a new voice chat option, a PvE mode, new modes and rules.

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Devil’s Third Online Officially Announced For PC

By Sato . November 6, 2015 . 1:30am

Devil’s Third developer Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon have officially announced Devil’s Third Online for PC in Japan.

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Devil’s Third Tips From Japanese Players On How To Start Out Effectively

By Sato . August 28, 2015 . 8:30am

From how to earn currency to tips on fighting and taking aim, Japanese players put together a little guide for beginners that are about to get started on Devil’s Third.

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Japanese Players Are Actually Having A Lot Of Fun With The Hybrid Action Of Devil’s Third

By Sato . August 13, 2015 . 8:19am

“I haven’t had this much fun since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64,” wrote one Amazon reviewer among many other positive reviews in Japan.

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Take A Look At Devil’s Third’s Multiplayer Matches

By Jenni . August 10, 2015 . 4:30pm

People are already posting videos of their experiences with the Japanese version of Devil’s Third.

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Devil’s Third Will Be Published By Nintendo Of America, Coming In Q4 2015

By Spencer . July 20, 2015 . 11:00pm

Nintendo of America announced they will publish Devil’s Third, the first action game developed Valhalla Game Studios. Nintendo has Devil’s Third scheduled for a Q4 release in the Americas as a retail game and a digital release.

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Devil’s Third Creator Comes Out In The Game’s Defense

By Ishaan . July 17, 2015 . 6:04am

“It seems that the world is in disorder,” says Tomonobu Itagaki.

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Devil’s Third Won’t Be Published By Nintendo Of America, But It Is Coming Here

By Spencer . July 10, 2015 . 2:30am

Siliconera can confirm the news from Unseen 64 that Nintendo of America will not publish Devil’s Third. The good news is this won’t be the last story about Tomonobu Itagaki’s game in North America.

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Devil’s Third Maker, Valhalla Games Studios, Is Hiring For A New Project

By Robert . June 22, 2015 . 5:45pm

Devil’s Third developers Valhalla Games Studios posted new job listings searching for experienced game developers, specifically asking for those who are familiar with Unreal Engine.

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Devil’s Third Guns To Europe On August 28th

By Ishaan . June 10, 2015 . 2:05am

Dead or Alive creator’s third-person shooter finally has a release date.

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Devil’s Third Will Release In Japan On August 4th

By Sato . June 9, 2015 . 11:30pm

Tomonobu Itagaki starts out with an introduction in the video, and announces that the game that has been in development for a long while, will finally release in Japan on August 4, 2015, and he’s looking forward to being able to play with the rest of the fans.

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