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Devil’s Third Tips From Japanese Players On How To Start Out Effectively



Devil’s Third released today in Europe and Australia will get the game tomorrow, but before jumping into its multiplayer mode, here’s a look at some tips for beginners that were put together by Japanese players. Since they’ve had a head start with an earlier release this month, you might be able to learn a thing or two from this guide.


Again, this is a guide that was put together by translations using Japanese terms and names for the game, so keep in mind that there may be some slight differences.


Earning Currency:


Devil’s Third features micro-transactions called Golden Eggs that are used to trade for weapon, gear, or in-game currency; however, it has its own currency called Dullen that allows you to make other purchases.


You get cash for getting kills in multiplayer, so if you’re confident in your skills then it’s advised to stick to that. Otherwise, players can earn cash by damaging facilities and aircrafts


The following weapons can damage facilities and aircrafts:


  • Assault rifles that can have grenade launchers.


  • C4 (can be purchased with currency).


  • M202A1, MGL40mm, M295IACW (all except the MGL40mm are traded with Golden Eggs).


  • Two types of launchers that can be equipped by “Heavy Cavalry” types (name is likely different in English).


Facilities often go unrepaired, so it might be difficult to make cash this way at times, but it adds up, as  you can simply damage the control room to get an easy 1,800. You’ll get a bonus for blowing up facilities, but be careful not to have any allies nearby, as they’ll go down with the building.


The next part, they share some tips on the actual battle parts. Keep in mind that a lot of these tips can actually apply to just about any kind of shooter, but there are still some things that new Devil’s Third players can learn from these.


When you can’t defeat an opponent, it’s not a good idea to be stubborn and chase them down. You can learn a lot by watching some of the better players and their movements. The Wii U Pro Controller is also recommended to use.


Tips on Fighting:


  • Get familiar with maps.


  • Be aware of your surroundings.


  • Try to avoid taking on enemies head on.


  • Avoid running in on the ground level (and use the sliding action).


  • Avoid getting into too many 1-on-1 fights by yourself.


  • Don’t get caught with your pants down from observing what’s going on too much.


  • Don’t force yourself to fight all the time, as it’s important to escape as well.


As you become better at Devil’s Third’s multiplayer mode, you’ll get a better idea where to find your opponents. Tagging alongside allies to push the enemies will always be more advantageous.


Tips on Aiming:


  • Always be conscious of the white crosshair on the middle of the screen.


  • The white crosshair turns red when it goes over an enemy. There are two big parts to this. When you encounter an enemy while on the move or if you find one hiding, you’ll want to take aim* and then shoot when you have them as close as possible to the middle of the crosshair.


  • Getting flustered while shooting or being slow at taking aim will result in not being able to hit the target that well. While you can say that gun characteristics are one of the reasons you might lose a fight, “who can catch the other first” is more important. Winning fights depend a lot on who can aim the best spots to hit first and also on the weapon’s fire rate. If you often  get preemptive shots on others and still lose the fight, then you might want to reconsider your weapon of choice.


* You hold down the ZL button to take aim while shooting.


Weapon Tips:


  • Option → Camera → Sensitivity Adjustment.


  • Get an understanding of a weapon’s characteristics (via testing).


  • Use a weapon with high fire rate.


  • Use weapons with flamethrower attachments.


There are all kinds of weapons you can test out, along with their attachments, but keep in mind that your target doesn’t move when you’re trying out weapons like this. Practicing by using a roll move and immediately shooting the target will be closer to a real battle, and you’ll get a better idea of the weapon’s characteristics this way.


Equipment Tips:


  • Equip gear with status effects like Life+ in order to increase your survival rate.


Attachment Precautions:


  • Adding Attachments will cost you Golden Eggs.


  • Attachments can only be used on the weapons that you’ve used Golden Eggs on for this purpose, meaning that you won’t be able to put Attachments on every weapon you have available.
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