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Devil’s Third Creator Comes Out In The Game’s Defense


Devil’s Third hasn’t been received well. We aren’t going to link to any critique of the game here, but suffice to say that Google is your friend, and if your Google-fu is in order, you’re going to read some not-so-great things about the game. In light of the reception, the game’s creator, Tomonobu Itagaki, has come out in its defence. Itagaki posted the following message to his Facebook:


[Dear media guys and gamers]

It seems that the world is in disorder…no way. I feel that the informations on Devil’s Third are tangled.

So I decided to tell you guys about the Specifications and recommended playing devices best suited for Devil’s Third, plus useful infomation for you guys.

I felt the time has come for me to talk about.


[About the specifications of Devil’s Third]

Frame rate: 30fps.
*note: I promise you can fully enjoy this MASSIVE shooter with 30 fps.

Split Screen: This game don’t have split screen feature for both offline and online play. ‘Cuz I used all the power of Wii U for single player. That was tough tradeoff for me. Plz understand.

Voice chat: We don’t equip voice chat feature. ‘Cuz we had maxed out its bandwidth to achieve online play by 16 users.


Yo Guys,

Don’t disappoint, and don’t be negative. I promise the wide/deep/brandnew playability for you guys today [sunglasses emoticon]

[Recommended Playing Devices]


Wii U of course [smile emoticon]
TV set.
PRO contoroller.
USB keyboard.
Wired Internet.

Thanks for your constant support for Devil’s Third.

Let’s make the future together!


Devil’s Third is published by Nintendo in Europe for the Wii U. Details of the game’s North American release are still pending.

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