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Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Thoughts On The Economy

By Spencer . March 18, 2009 . 9:01pm

The economy is bad. Times are tough for video game developers. These things have been said a billion times before. Let’s hear what Mistwalker founder Hironobu Sakaguchi has to say about the economic mess.   On the Mistwalker blog he writes, “These days I feel the hard economic times are a kind act for the […]

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It Isn’t December, But Away: Shuffle Dungeon Is Here

By Spencer . October 29, 2008 . 11:16am

I’ll leave the obligatory release date shuffling joke out, but something went very awry with the North American launch of Away: Shuffle Dungeon. First Majesco says it’s coming out in October, then it gets pushed to December at the last minute, and today Majesco sends a press release that it “shipped” to stores. Meanwhile the […]

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Away: Shuffle Dungeon Released Into US Stores Early?

By Spencer . October 28, 2008 . 11:15am

At the last minute Majesco shuffled the release date for Away: Shuffle Dungeon from October to December. Hopefully, this extra time will give someone a chance to balance the difficulty so Away: Shuffle Dungeon isn’t a walk in the park.   So, if Away: Shuffle Dungeon got delayed why is it in stock and shipping […]

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Ah! An Away: Shuffle Dungeon trailer

By Spencer . August 18, 2008 . 8:00am

AQ Interactive is promoting Away: Shuffle Dungeon with a new trailer. This clip shows a decent amount of gameplay, but with teeny tiny images. Look closely and you can see Away: Shuffle Dungeon has 3D boss fights. When you’re rescuing people and escaping shaking screens, an indicator that the dungeon is about to shuffle, Away: […]

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Mistwalker hands Away: Shuffle Dungeon to Majesco

By Spencer . July 7, 2008 . 11:41am

In a strange revelation we are getting Away: Shuffle Dungeon, but it won’t be published by Xseed even though AQ Interactive is their parent company. The good news is Away: Shuffle Dungeon is up to Xseed localization standards. I guess Xseed is too busy working with other projects in addition to their Marvelous Interactive relationship… […]

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Mistwalker’s Away: Shuffle Dungeon finds release this fall

By Spencer . July 4, 2008 . 12:59am

Away: Shuffle Dungeon won't come out this summer. Surprised? After multiple delays I'm not. Mistwalker’s third (note: Blue Dragon Plus will be the second) Nintendo DS game will come out on October 16 in Japan. Europe should get Away: Shuffle Dungeon around the same time too, if Virgin Play sticks to their schedule. North American […]

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All about Away: Shuffle Dungeon

By Spencer . June 6, 2008 . 8:12pm

AQ Interactive should open the floodgates in regards to information on Away: Shuffle Dungeon soon. Mistwalker and Artoon’s game must be nearing completion since Virgin Play plans on releasing it in Europe this summer. Instead of waiting for information to come from Japan, I spoke to Diana Radetski Sánchez, the PR Manager at Virgin Play […]

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Away: Shuffle Dungeon shimmies to Europe this autumn

By Spencer . May 29, 2008 . 7:46am

AQ Interactive hasn’t announced the exact date Away: Shuffle Dungeon is coming out in Japan, but it’s probably going to be soon. Mistwalker’s second Nintendo DS game still has a floating summer target. Out of the blue Virgin Play, a video game publishing branch from Richard Branson’s Virgin Empire (Virgin Play let sent an e-mail […]

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Blue Dragon Plus and seven other AQ Interactive games getting localized

By Spencer . May 15, 2008 . 1:42pm

AQ Interactive’s financial report confirms they have eight games scheduled to come out in North America with in this fiscal year. Twelve titles will be released in Japan. The list includes Korg DS-10, Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Blue Dragon Plus, an unnamed Nintendo Wii game and four third party portable games handled by Xseed.   Some […]

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