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Knights in the Nightmare: Daydreamer

By Spencer . June 12, 2009 . 2:38am

Knights in the Nightmare begins with the longest tutorial in a Nintendo DS game ever. You can ignore it, but you really should complete it. All of it. Even the 70+ tip section. Knights in the Nightmare is as unique as it is complex.

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Get Ready For Knights In The Nightmare

By Spencer . February 11, 2009 . 1:17pm

Atlus is bringing it here on June 2 for $34.99. Yeah!   Knights in the Nightmare blends strategy RPG elements with bullet dodging to make a unique game. You control a wisp – not units – with the stylus that activates soulless knights by touching them. More than 100 fallen knights await to be revived […]

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So, This Is Why Sting Packaged Yggdra Union With Knights In The Nightmare

By Spencer . October 28, 2008 . 8:53am

Do you still have Yggdra Union for the GBA? Don’t pawn it on eBay just yet. Sting has a special surprise for people who own Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare. If you have Yggdra Union plugged into your GBA slot while playing Knights in the Nightmare you can unlock the mysterious witch Pamela. […]

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Pre-order Yggdra Union and get the soundtrack as a bonus

By Spencer . August 15, 2008 . 2:56pm

If you’re planning on buying Yggra Union for the PSP you might want to pre-order it up at Gamestop. Atlus is giving away a Japan-exclusive soundtrack CD with 56 songs based off the PSP version of Yggdra Union. The PSP version of Yggdra Union has been enhanced over the Game Boy Advance game for sharper […]

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Watch how the nightmare begins. See the Knights in the Nightmare opening

By Spencer . June 18, 2008 . 12:16pm

Knights in the Nightmare doesn't have a fancy animated prelude to like Yggdra Union for the PSP. The succinct, 1.5 minute clip is comprised of sprites, very reminiscent of the previous Dept. Heaven games. The opening movie unexpectedly has English voiceovers and English* text. I like to think this is a good indicator Knight is […]

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Ygddra Union not alone on the GBA, fights on the PSP too

By Spencer . June 9, 2008 . 12:31pm

The Siliconera community cracked this last week, but today the news is official. Atlus picked up the PSP remake of Yggdra Union and it is scheduled to come out on September 16. One of the presentation enhancements is voice acting. The North American release gives owners a choice between English and the original Japanese voices […]

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Episodes of (Dept.) Heaven bundled together

By Spencer . May 20, 2008 . 11:57am

Sting has Knights in the Nightmare scheduled to come out on July 17 in Japan and if you missed out on the previous Dept. Heaven episode you can get that with the DS game. The Knights in the Nightmare D.H.E. Special Pack includes the most recent Dept. Heaven entry and Yggdra Union for the Game […]

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Knights enter Stings dual screen nightmare in July

By Spencer . April 29, 2008 . 10:44am

Remember Dept. Heaven Episode IV, better known as Knights in the Nightmare? Sting announced their new was coming out this year. Now, the official page has been updated with a firm release date. Japan will get the turn based RTS on July 17.   The genre sounds a bit confusing, but that’s what Sting calls […]

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Sting’s mystery game is Knights in the Nightmare

By Spencer . February 18, 2008 . 11:46am

Remember how Sting posted a teaser about a new game a few weeks ago? The project is Knights in the Nightmare and it has ties to the Dept. Heaven universe as Episode IV. Yggdra Union was Episode II and Rivera was Episode I, so that means Episode III is… missing?   Nomenclature aside, Knights in […]

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