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Abobo Is Back! Double Dragon Remake Barrels Onto iPhone

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 1:05am

With Aksys as the publisher, Million gave the original Double Dragon a complete overhaul.

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All About Kunio-Kun And River City Sports Games

By Spencer . May 7, 2010 . 2:31pm

Aksys confirmed they’re going to publish two River City sports games in North America. We wanted to find out more about them and we have responses from two developers.

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New Kunio-Kun Sports Game Slamming Stores In February

By Spencer . December 15, 2009 . 9:20am

Arc System Works and Million are releasing another Kunio-Kun game, one that slipped under the radar since it was first revealed in January 2009.

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Aksys has more plans with Million, looking into Cave

By Spencer . July 10, 2008 . 11:32am

Liked Super Dodgeball Brawlers (pictured)? The game was developed by Million who purchased the rights to the Kunio-Kun series after Technos fell into financial ruin. Aksys confirmed at their Anime Expo panel another project with the developer is in the pipeline. No details were given if it will be a new Kunio-Kun game, anything to […]

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VC Monday: Double your dragons, double your fun

By Levi . April 28, 2008 . 6:34am

Wow…that has to be the lamest VC Monday title I've EVER come up with. Ahem…anyway, today's Virtual Console release is a mere one game. But hey, at least it's good, right? Somebody finally snatched up the US rights to the Double Dragon series, and thanks to Aksys Games, we can all enjoy Double Dragon via […]

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Aksys to bring Double Dragon and other Technos games to the Virtual Console

By Spencer . April 14, 2008 . 12:16pm

I was wondering when we would see Double Dragon II: The Revenge on the Virtual Console, but there was a potential issue. Technos is bankrupt, Million has the assets. Just to complicate matters further, Acclaim  and Tradewest the US publishers are also sitting in separate corporate graves. Last year Arc System Works published a Kunio-Kun […]

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Super Dodgeball Brawlers knocked back to March in Japan

By Spencer . January 28, 2008 . 11:26am

Eager importers had the option to pick up Chou Nekketsu Koukou Kunio-Kun Dodge Ball Bu on February 21. However, it will join the mass exodus of February releases with its revised March 19 release date. Arc System Works cites a desire to increase the quality of the title as a reason for the delay. Since […]

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DS Dodgeball battles begin in February

By Spencer . January 2, 2008 . 11:58am

If you can’t wait for Aksys to release Super Dodgeball Brawlers take note, Chou Nekketsu Koukou Kunio-Kun Dodge Ball Bu is scheduled to come out on February 21. The game has a floating spring 2008 release window in North America. Personally, I know I’ll be busy with plenty of other games in the second month […]

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Aksys answers your Super Dodgeball Brawlers questions

By Spencer . December 11, 2007 . 7:30pm

In part two of our Aksys interview we are shifting gears from Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles and focusing on Super Dodgeball Brawlers. The game is in the hands of Million, who purchased Technos’ assets and developed a handful of Kunio-Kun Game Boy Advance games. I quickly tried out Super Dodgeball Brawlers at TGS, but to […]

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