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Wii With Mario Kart Is $150, Twilight Princess & Nintendo Select Games $20

By Ishaan . May 4, 2011 . 1:42am

The Wii will now be bundled with Mario Kart Wii for $150, instead of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

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Wii Games: Summer 2010 Is Like This Generation’s Nintendo World Championship

By Spencer . June 29, 2010 . 9:27am

Back in the days of the NES, Nintendo toured the country with now collectible Nintendo World Championship cartridges. This summer, Nintendo is doing something similar for Wii.

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Chibi-Robo Developers Cancelled A MotionPlus Game

By Spencer . December 22, 2009 . 11:36am

Skip, the team behind Chibi-Robo, were working on Wii game that utilized Wii MotionPlus. “Were working on” are the key words here since the project has been canned.

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Get in shape with Shape Boxing Wii de Enjoy Diet

By Spencer . September 5, 2008 . 7:40am

Last year we found out Rocket Company was working on a Wii boxing game, which was delayed, forgotten, and in the spirit of Wii revivals actually coming out in the next few months. Japan will see it in stores on October 30. Now renamed Shape Boxing Wii de Enjoy Diet, Rocket Company’s plan is to […]

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Wii MotionPlus enhances control, but amateur fencers didn’t notice

By Spencer . July 21, 2008 . 3:29pm

I liked the feel of the 1:1 motion sensitivity of Wii MotionPlus enough to play the sword fighting game in Wii Sports: Resort multiple times. In the beginning you can test the accuracy by slicing an immobile log and sharpening a pencil. I was impressed how the Wii MotionPlus accessory allowed me to cut the […]

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Wii Motion Plus bundled with Wii Sports sequel

By Spencer . July 15, 2008 . 9:50am

Wii Sports Resort has the Wii remote upgrade with 1:1 motion control. Were watching a disc throwing game with a dog. A jet ski game uses the remote and nunchuck combo. It looks a theme is a day at th beach. The third game is sword dueling. Wii Sports Resort will be available in the […]

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Wii remote accessory coming to PCs?Wii remote accessory coming to PCs?

By Spencer . April 20, 2008 . 9:12am

At the Hong Kong Electronics show there was a demo of a PC ping pong game that reacted to controller swings. I didn’t get a chance to try it out, but it looks like another company is trying to emulate the Wii Sports experience.   This demo was kind of interesting to watch because it […]

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The Vii has a competitor, hands on with AllSports

By Spencer . April 16, 2008 . 10:22am

Another Wii clone is about to enter the market and I actually tried it. The product is called AllSports (notice the similar font?) and it includes seven semi-motion controlled games. Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, Shooting, Dart and Ring (it’s actually Ring Toss) are part of the package with 16-bit graphics.   Tennis doesn’t have a […]

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Utah based company cashes in with Wiimbledon

By Spencer . March 12, 2008 . 7:46pm

Wii Tennis tournaments can draw a crowd. We’ve seen it work with the Wiimbledon, but wait that word just got trademarked! Mangia Technologies snapped it up for “G & S [Goods & Services]: Entertainment in the nature of Nintendo Wii Tennis tournaments; Providing facilities for Nintendo Wii Tennis tournaments.”   I wasn’t sure who Mangia […]

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Motion controlled golf 3D.0

By Spencer . January 9, 2008 . 10:07am

A Singaporean company called Affineon aims to pick up where Wii Sports Golf left off. At CES they have a demo of a three axis motion tracking system used for a golf game. Their technology measures the position of the club through a camera and it adds depth, something that Wii Sports doesn’t have.   […]

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Deca Sporta, Hudson’s take on Wii Sports

By Spencer . August 24, 2007 . 2:29am

  Can’t get enough sport themed mini game compilations? Then take a look at Deca Sport for the Wii. As the name implies there are ten different sports to play in the game including: Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, ATV racing, Motocross and Archery.   While Deca Sport hasn’t been officially announced for North America […]

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EA Playground, Wii Sports Elementary edition

By Spencer . June 18, 2007 . 5:47pm

Over the past few weeks Electronic Arts has been trickling details about EA Playground, a collection of motion controlled mini games for the Wii and Nintendo DS. You can play tetherball on the Wii and blow into the microphone to simulate spitball fights on the Nintendo DS. Other games announced in the collection include RC […]

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Surprise! Motion controlled bowling coming to the Playstation 3

By Spencer . May 17, 2007 . 1:04am

While Sony was quiet about Folklore, they didn’t even mention High Velocity Bowling, one of their first party downloadable games. It was pushed into a dark corner (no joke!) next to a facial mocap demonstration away from the center where people lined up to play Heavenly Sword and Lair. It’s a little bit of a […]

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Watch: Hajime no Ippo Revolution – Wii boxing refined

By Spencer . March 13, 2007 . 7:11am

Wii Sports Boxing was a great start, but while it is immensely fun it lacks depth. AQ Interactive hopes to refine the mechanics with a deeper boxing title based in the Hajime no Ippo (Victorious Boxers) universe. In the game you can select from a number of different fighters and use the Wii remote / […]

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Innovative games of GDC 07

By Spencer . March 12, 2007 . 10:03am

Most of the winners of the Developer Choice Awards this year won’t surprise you. Gears of War won best game, Wii Sports got one for game design and the Twilight Princess earned an award for writing. Innovation was a different story where three titles earned awards opposed to only Guitar Hero winning it last year. […]

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