11 More Pokemon GO Shadow Pokemon Are Available Through Team Rocket Fights


pokemon go shadow pokemon


Team GO Rocket has corrupted more Pokemon! Niantic has announced eleven new Pokemon GO Shadow Pokemon varieties. Ten of these are immediately available, while one will be coming soon.


The eleven new Shadow Pokemon are Drowzee and its evolution, Hypno, Grimer and its evolution, Muk, Houndour and its evolution, Houndoom, Cubone, Poliwag, Magikarp, Scyther, and Ralts. (Ralts is the one that is coming soon.) This means when you fight Team GO Rocket at a captured Poke Stop, they may have these characters on their team and you could have a chance to catch and purify one after a match.


The August 3, 2019 Community Day character will be Ralts, which could be when Shadow Ralts first appears. The standard Ralts on these days will come with Synchronoise. (Shiny versions will also be available.) If people evolve a Kirlia up to one hour after the event, which ends at 7pm, the ensuing Gardevoir or Gallade will also end up knowing Synchronoise. Unfortunately, if you get a Shadow Ralts from Team GO Rocket, it will knot know Synchronoise.


Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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