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Pokémon GO Is Ending Support For Apple Watch On July 1, 2019

By Sato . June 3, 2019 . 4:30am

Niantic announced that it will officially end support for Apple Watch devices on Pokémon GO on July 1, 2019. The developers will focus on building on the game’s Adventure Sync system.

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Pokémon GO’s Next Community Day Features The Slacker Pokémon Slakoth On June 8

By Sato . May 24, 2019 . 1:45am

Niantic announced the next Pokémon GO Community Day and it’ll feature the “Slacker Pokémon” Slakoth, who debuted in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, on June 8, 2019.

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Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Event Will Begin On May 7, 2019

By Jenni . May 6, 2019 . 10:30am

The Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu event will involve Pikachus wearing detective hats, Pokemon who star in the movie appearing more often, and Style Shop avatar items.

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Azelf, Mesprit, And Uxie Are Now Out In The Wild As Extremely Rare Spawns In Pokémon GO

By Sato . April 30, 2019 . 1:00am

Niantic surprise-released the Generation IV Legendary Pokémon in Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie in Pokémon GO, but unlike previous ones these will spawn in the wild and they’re extremely rare.

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Pokémon GO Brings Out Latios For The Next Special Raid Week Starting April 15

By Sato . April 9, 2019 . 4:30am

Niantic announced that Trailers will get to challenge the Legendary Pokémon Latios for the next Special Raid Week that begins on April 15 as a follow-up to the previous challenge with Latias.

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Pokémon GO Is Giving Bug-Type Pokémon Some Love With A New Bug Out Event Starting April 2

By Sato . March 28, 2019 . 2:00am

Pokémon GO players who are fans of Bug-type Pokémon have something to look forward to next week, as Niantic announced a new event called “Bug Out” that starts on April 2, 2019.

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Pokémon GO Player ‘Uncle Pokémon’ From Taiwan Actually Mega Evolved And Is Now Unstoppable

By Sato . March 19, 2019 . 2:00pm

Since making headlines last year, Pokémon GO super fan from Taiwan, affectionately known as “Uncle Pokémon,” has Mega Evolved with a new rig that now mounts 22 smartphones, and he can no longer be stopped.

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Dialga Now Available In Pokemon Go Raids; New Safari Zone Event Announced

By Alistair . March 2, 2019 . 9:30am

Dialga, which has the power to control time is now available via Raids in Pokemon Go. The first Safari Zone event in the SEA region has also been announced to take place in Singapore.

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Treecko To Be Featured In Pokemon Go’s First Global Community Day

By Alistair . February 23, 2019 . 11:30am

Niantic has announced that the Hoenn Grass-type Starter Pokemon Treecko will be featured in the next Community Day for Pokemon Go, which is set to happen on the same day globally.

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Pokémon GO Introduces The Go Snapshot Feature To Take Nice Photos Of Your Own Pokémon

By Sato . February 12, 2019 . 8:00am

Niantic introduced a new feature for Pokémon GO called “GO Snapshot” that provides players with an easy way to take photos of any Pokémon found in the Pokémon Storage.

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People Can Catch A Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go Until March 2019

By Jenni . February 6, 2019 . 6:00am

Pokemon GO players will be able to find the new shiny Meltan variation in the mobile game until March 4, 2019.

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Niantic Worth Nearly $4 Billion Thanks To IVP, Samsung, Axiomatic Gaming Funding

By Alistair . January 17, 2019 . 8:30am

In a recent interview, Niantic CEO John Hanke announced that they are now nearly worth $4 billion, and want to expand into making AR Game developer tools as well.

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You Can Now Dress Up As Team Magma And Team Aqua In Pokémon GO

By Sato . January 16, 2019 . 2:00am

Pokémon GO has been adding a steady flow of avatar items inspired by various characters across the Pokémon series, and the latest ones are based on the Hoenn region villains.

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Pokémon GO Adds New Avatar Items From Unova, Alola, And Kalos

By Sato . January 9, 2019 . 3:00am

Pokémon GO got a new set of avatar items featuring the styles of Ace Trainers from the Unova and Alola regions as well as the Veterans from the Kalos region.

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Pokémon GO Catches About $795 Million In 2018 Global Revenue And $2.2 Billion Since Launch

By Sato . January 3, 2019 . 2:00pm

Now that it is 2019, we got the latest data from Sensor Tower on the performance of Niantic’s smartphone game Pokémon GO in 2018, where its revenue grew 35 percent over 2017 last year.

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