Nintendo Are Distributing Solatorobo: Red The Hunter In Europe This Year


    This is certainly unexpected… and interesting. Nintendo of Europe have signed a distribution agreement with Namco Bandai to handle sales, marketing and distribution of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter throughout Europe.


    Namco and Nintendo haven’t announced a release date for Solatorobo yet, other than confirming that the game will be released in European territories this year.


    It’s interesting to see how Nintendo of Europe are approaching discussion of Solatorobo. Their announcement mentions that the game’s cutscenes are designed by anime studio, Madhouse, credited for Marvel Anime, Ninja Scroll, Death Note, and CardCaptor Sakura.


    In case you forgot, Solatorobo is a DSi-enhanced game. You can use the Nintendo DSi camera to take pictures for use within the game. It also includes a four-player racing game, titled Air Robo Grand Prix, which you can play with friends over local wireless.


    Namco Bandai and developer, CyberConnect2, also provided downloadable quests for Solatorobo in Japan, but whether or not these will be available in Europe hasn’t been mentioned so far.



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