Final Fantasy XV Coming To Xbox One, Too [Update]

By Ishaan . June 11, 2013 . 9:20am

Square Enix are discussing Final Fantasy at a conference in Los Angeles, and Siliconera is at the event. Currently, the discussion is focused on Final Fantasy XV.


Above is key art from the game. Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto says he’s happy to announce Final Fantasy XV, and that he had trouble sleeping because he was so excited.


The game, Hashimoto revealed, uses Direct X 11, which makes it easy to port to other consoles than the PlayStation 4. Hashimoto then confirmed the game will also be released on Xbox One.


Square Enix showed off a new trailer for the game following the announcement. Hopefully, they’ll share it publicly soon. In the meantime, here are notes:


  • Noctis protected by. Shield of light that defends two other characters
  • Fight on a building with Noctis hanging
  • In the middle, a person comes with a gun and finishes an enemy off
  • Fighting iron giants
  • Noctis can rotate weapons
  • Bottom left hand comer shows different blades
  • Warp command moves Noctis
  • Noctis has some sort of fire magic
  • Another character covered him in battle
  • They can do a team attacks
  • Scene of Noctis swimming and there’s Leviathan there
  • Looks like a fight in a parking lot
  • Noctis taking cover while a Behemoth stomps forward
  • “FFXV is continuing its progress into a more powerful and beautiful title”
  • “As you all know we are continuing to use all of our efforts to develop two final fantasy titles this year”


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2 Responses to “Final Fantasy XV Coming To Xbox One, Too [Update]”

Impossible2beat Says:

I have no idea why anybody thought it wouldn’t be….. Like was this presented as like a shocking piece of news?

Satonaka CP-Four Says:

For most it is, even though it became multi-plat with FF13, hell even before that with FFXI (it’s a numbered title people, and yes it’s online, get over it already,) people weren’t expecting KH to follow suit, but with SE in the crapper financially as their last failures and the lackluster turnout from the 13 saga, then it’s safer to release on multiple platforms to turn out the most profit.

So people probably aren’t surprised, but at the same time, they ain’t happy about it either, especially the old school FF fans and Sony fans that were happy they thought were getting another exclusive. For some companies like SE it just isn’t possible or ‘smart business’ to go 1 system only.

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