Visual Novel Fault Milestone One Is Being Translated For Western Release



    Fault Milestone One, a visual novel developed by Alice in Dissonance, is being translated and published on Steam via Sekai Project, the group announced today. Here’s a story summary for the game:


    After 60 years of peace, the mana crafting civilization Ruzenheid came to an end. An unknown enemy attacked, and destroyed, Ruzenheid Castle. Princess Selfine was able to escape the burning ruins with the help of Ritona, her childhood friend, who created a teleportation craft.


    However, instead of finding salvation, they found themselves deep in a strange forest.


    This is their story—a story of strangers in a strange realm trying to make it back home.


    Meanwhile, Sekai Project are also working on bringing World End Economica: Episode 1 out of Early Access on Steam. When it exits Early Access, the game will have Steam Cards included.



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