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2D Mecha Shooting Game Code: HARDCORE Delayed To 2018


code hardcore

Rocket Punch, the Chinese indie studio that successfully crowdfunded the 2D mecha arena shooting game Code: HARDCORE back in 2016, released a Kickstarter update announcing that the game will be delayed until 2018. Previously, the scheduled release date was this month, October 2017.


code hardcore 3


In this progress update, Rocket Punch detailed the progress so far and the complications that they had met throughout the year which hampered progress. They admitted that one year of dev time was too optimistic, and encountered problems with the multiplayer online mode and staff recruitment and management earlier in the year. However, thanks to a breakthrough, parts of the online battle system now is under testing by the development team, and the staff have been recruited and settled, though all this still resulted in the delay.


code hardcore 2


Rocket Punch also put out a chart detailed overall progress in the project, and how much has been achieved in the past year. The local split screen battle mode feature was basically finished, and the most complicated technical issues had been solved. Meanwhile, the single-player storylines were completed but still lacked some game levels and art resources.


code hardcore 4


Finally, Rocket Punch mentioned that the reason for the infrequent updates was in order to save time, as they did not have a communications staff for a long time and that devs had to take time off production in order to write updates. However, new demos will be available in the future and the team confidently predicted that Code: HARDCORE would enter publishing in 2018.


Code: HARDCORE will release for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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