3 Free SR Tales of Crestoria Characters Join During the Campaign

tales of crestoria characters

A wealth of Tales of Crestoria information was shared on its official Twitter account on May 1, 2020 as part of a virtual Tales of Crestoria Channel presentation. While part of it went over things we did know about the game and its story, a lot of new information was revealed. For example, Bandai Namco explained how people will acquire some SR and SSR Tales of Crestoria characters both through the story and gacha, went over details about how the game’s multiplayer raids will work, and showed what people might earn through the pre-registration campaign.

First, three SR forms of Tales of Crestoria characters will be given away. These will be Kanata Hjuger, Misella, and Vicious. While all of these major characters will be SRs, they won’t have any Mystic Artes. To get the SSR versions that do have Mystic Artes, you need to participate in the Memoria Stones gacha and summon them. Four SSRs were shown on Twitter. Three are the SSR versions of the aforementioned original characters. The fourth is Cress Albane, from Tales of Phantasia.

The Tales of Crestoria multiplayer raids will put people into a fight against a boss to earn items that will help your characters ascend or train their Mystic Artes. As you participate, you’ll earn Contribution Points and be “ranked” according to others. When a foe is about to use a powerful attack, a Break gauge will appear, and you could work together to try and wear down the gauge to stun them, land critical hits, and halt the attack. You can talk to the other players via both text or stickers to coordinate.

Here’s a video showing a Tales of Crestoria raid.

As for the Tales of Crestoria pre-registration process, three of the five possible bonuses for people committing to play via registering on the applicable app store or following on either Facebook or Twitter were shared. If 30,000 people join, everyone gets a ticket for one summon. If 50,000 sign up, then everyone will get three total summon tickets. If 100,000 opt in, then everyone who plays will start with five summon tickets.

Tales of Crestoria will be released on Android and Apple iOS devices in early June 2020. A closed beta test will be held before launch in May 2020.

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