30XX Shows Off Ace’s Moveset and Eight Minutes of Gameplay


Batterystaple Games has released a new trailer for 30XX, the Mega Man X-esque platformer with roguelike elements which is a sequel to 20XX. The trailer shows off Ace, who mainly uses a sword instead of an arm cannon like Nina.

Check it out below:

Ace uses a different set of abilities, which can be used for both maneuvering and fighting purposes. For example, using the Dolomite Link can deal damage to enemies while launching Ace forward with some extra jump height. It also makes him invincible until he lands. Meanwhile, his Zen Ascent is an uppercut that can give him a bit of height, but is a powerful attack on its own. Finally, Raijin is a thunder-based attack that attacks in two phases. Style refills more quickly for him, meaning that he trades variety and adaptability for a more consistent moveset.

Another eight minutes of 30XX gameplay was shown off for the game via IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 event, and you can watch it below:

30XX will release in 2021 for PCs and consoles. As part of the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, a demo will temporarily be available. Check out the game’s reveal trailer here.

Alistair Wong
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