40-Man Free-for-all Shadow Arena Goes Into Closed Beta on February 27


Shadow Arena, the upcoming 40-man free-for-all action game from Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss, will be going into its closed beta phase between February 27 and March 8, 2020. Beta test registrations are open via the game’s site here. [Thanks, TriplePoint Newsroom!]

Shadow Arena was announced in 2019 at the Korean G-Star convention alongside Crimson Desert, a distant prequel to Black Desert. While it’s every person for themselves, that doesn’t mean you’ll be fighting players every step along the way in order to win. Monsters roam the fields, and players will need to fight them in order to upgrade their gear and gain buffs using their loot. At the end, with the slowly enclosing circle, players will face off in battles against each other in a bid to become the champion.

Shadow Arena has elements of both the MOBA and battle royale genres, but plays like an arena fighter. Originally, the game was going to be a mode within Black Desert, but was spun off into its own thing, There will be both solo and team modes, and the latter in particular will require planning and execution of strategy in order to do well in the first part of the game in order to gain an edge for when the time comes to face off against other teams.

Check out more screenshots below:

Shadow Arena will release on PCs in the first half of 2020. The game will come to consoles later. Closed beta registration can be done via the game’s site here.

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