7th Dragon 2020-II English Patch Released By Fan Translation Group Cavespeak


7th dragon 2020-ii 1

7th Dragon 2020-II, the third game in the 7th Dragon series and the direct sequel to 7th Dragon 2020 on the PSP, has recently gotten an English fan translation by translation group Cavespeak.


7th Dragon 2020-II takes place one year after the events of 7th Dragon 2020, and features both returning characters and new characters. Although the game has a recap feature (called ‘Before Story’ on the title screen), it’s highly recommended to play through the prior game first. Similar to its predecessor, one of the game’s features include a completely rearranged soundtrack featuring Hatsune Miku by sasakure.uk. Another reason to play this game is the exclusive new Idol class that can buff allies and order them to attack again.


Check out some screenshots below:

7th dragon 2020-ii 2

7th dragon 2020-ii 3

7th dragon 2020-ii 4

7th dragon 2020-ii 5


Interestingly, with this fan translation, the entire 7th Dragon series so far is now playable in some form in English, mostly thanks to Cavespeak. They released a patch for the Nintendo DS original game in 2014, and a patch for 7th Dragon 2020 in 2016. With this latest translation patch, all the games prior to Sega’s official English release for 7th Dragon III: Code VFD have been completed.


You can find a link to 7th Dragon 2020-II’s translation patch here.


7th Dragon 2020-II is available for the PlayStation Portable.

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