7th Dragon 2020 Screenshots Show Even More Dragons


When space dragons invade in 7th Dragon 2020, they cover the world in red flowers called Flowaro. Areas covered in these flowers are inhabitable for human beings, and they’ve turned regular animals into monsters.


Stepping on Flowaro won’t damage you like it did in the original 7th Dragon, but it sounds like it will impede your movement. Each area covered in Flowaro appears to have a leader dragon presiding over it, which you need to defeat. Some dragons can chase you around the map, too.




Here’s two of the boss dragons in the game. The first one is called “Warcry”. I’m not sure how to romanize the second name, but it sounds like “The Scava”. You can catch a brief glimpse of Warcry in the trailer linked to above as well.




Two of the NPCs in the game, Eitel and Emel:

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