Microsoft have officially announced their new $99 Xbox 360 bundle, reported last week by technology news site, The Verge.


Available exclusively through Microsoft’s own retail stores, the bundle includes a 4GB Xbox 360 and a Kinect device. While the hardware itself will only cost $99, buyers of the bundle will also be required to sign up for a mandatory $15 per-month Xbox Live subscription for two years, bringing the long-term cost of the bundle to a total of $460. See how that compares to a regular purchase here.


Buyers be able to cancel this two-year subscription early, but only after they pay an early cancellation fee. See details of the cancellation fee below:


Year One of Subscription (Months Post Purchase)

Months Post Purchase123456789101112
Early Cancellation Fee$250$250$250$240$228$216$204$192$180$168$156$144


Year Two of Subscription (Months Post Purchase)

Months Post Purchase131415161718192021222324
Early Cancellation Fee$132$120$108$96$84$72$60$48$36$24$12$0


Microsoft have not yet announced whether this special subscription to Xbox Live will offer additional streaming content from cable providers or sports package providers, as was rumoured.


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