A Certain Magical Index PSP Game Has Been Fully Fan Translated Into English


    to aru fan translation


    Back on the PSP, a fighting game was released for the A Certain Magical Index series, and while the game received an English translation for the story, it never had a full English translation for the game itself.


    Now, fan translator JeruTz, who also did the earlier English translation, decided to go back and work on a translation patch for the game itself, and this week, the translation was finally released to the public.


    For those unfamiliar with the PSP game, it’s a 3D arena fighter with a Partner system, where you can choose one character to use for support. Each battle begins with a longer story cutscene that shows off character interactions, rather than just a pre-battle one liner. You can check out some gameplay in our article way back from then here.


    You can find the patch via JeruTz’s blog here.


    A Certain Magical Index was released for PlayStation Portable in 2011.

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