A Closer Look At Final Fantasy XIV’s New Classic Jobs


    Final Fantasy XIV producer, Naoki Yoshida, has been talking about patch 1.21 for a long time. One of the major features of the patch is that it will allow you to take up classic Final Fantasy jobs.


    Yoshida previously revealed that, by finding job stones, you’ll be able to change into a Paladin, Warrior, Monk, Bard, Black Mage, White Mage, and Dragoon. Patch 1.21 will also add exclusive quests and gear sets for the new jobs, along with Chocobo Armor. Additionally, 1.21 will add two level 50 raids: Cutter’s Cry and The Aurum Vale, and will also add intra-city warps within city-states to help save time. 


    This week, Yoshida showed off screenshots from the new job class quests:












    White Mage:


    Black Mage:


    Another major change, Yoshida shared this week in a new Letter from the Producer column, is that the magic casting system is being overhauled.


    “I, myself, have been closely involved with the upcoming changes to magic casting,” Yoshida writes. “While differences between the current client and the 2.0 client have forced us to take a different approach to achieve the desired results, I am happy to say the new system in 1.21 should be almost identical to what will be found in 2.0.”


    By “2.0,” Yoshida is referring to the rebooted Final Fantasy XIV that will be launched later this year. Yoshida says that 1.21 is in the final stages of debugging, and provided all goes well, the patch will be released on March 9th, a little delayed from its original late-February window.

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