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English Screens Of Ultros, Typhon And The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mass Effect Armour


You’ll be able to battle Ultros and Typhon in Final Fantasy XIII-2 soon. Square Enix sent out several screenshots of the coliseum battle, and of the Mass Effect 3 N7 armour for Serah and Noel today. Take a look at them below.


First up is Ultros, who seems to be feeling affectionate:




Like in Final Fantasy VI, Typhon is part of the same battle. He rips through the gap in space-time to confront you:



Ultros and Typhon will be available on March 27th in Japan. And here’s a closer look at the Mass Effect 3 armour, which will be released on the same day:



7904UltrosTyphon_01 7905UltrosTyphon_02 7906UltrosTyphon_03 



3512Noel__N7armor_Art 3513Serah_N7armor_Art 7899img0002  7901img0007 7902PS3_1 7903PS3_2 7894360_1 7895360_2 7896360_3

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