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A Contra: Rogue Corps Update Offers New Weapons and a New Exploration Mission


Contra: Rogue Corps has a little more to offer players. While the latest patch doesn’t mention any particularly notable fixes, Konami did confirm that an array of new content has been added. For example, Contra: Rogue Corps will have a lot more B.A.Ds and weapons available to them for free, and a new level 100 Master Level cap and new Medals will give people more excuses to play. There will also be a new Exploration Mission, fiend,

The new Contra: Rogue Corps Exploration Mission is called Unstable Anomaly Area Finale. This is a challenging space that sends everyone in completely unprepared. You need to brave the Unstable Anomaly and survive for as long as you can, in the hopes of reaching its end.

Here are the new Contra: Rogue Corps main weapons:

  • Angel Fall (S+) – 378,000
  • Boomerang (S+) – 191,100
  • Frog Prints (S+) – 302,400
  • Kingfisher (S+) – 520,800

These are the new Contra: Rogue Corps sub weapons:

  • Drain Chakram (S+) – 151,200
  • Fire Devil (S+) – 252,000
  • Plasma Cage (S+) – 350,000
  • Splatter Mine (S+) – 873,600
  • Plasma Shield (S+) – 105,000

Here are the new Contra: Rogue Corps main B.A.Ds:

  • Gluttony Type 1
  • OHM Sidewinder
  • PYR Sidewinder
  • Three Kingdoms Type 1
  • VNM Sidewinder

These are the new Contra: Rogue Corps sub B.A.Ds:

  • Gluttony Type 2
  • OHM Flechette
  • PYR Flechette
  • Three Kingdoms Type 2
  • VNM Flechette

The Contra: Rogue Corps season pass is getting an update today too. An Assasin [sic] Pack has joined the $9.99 collection. When people download it, they get a Contra: Rogue Corps t-shirt for Kaiser, a Sister.H skin for Ms. Harakiri. a Gluttony Type 1 B.A.D., a Three Kingdoms Type 2 B.A.D., and 50,000 in-game credits. This pack can’t be purchased separately.

Contra: Rogue Corps is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Jenni Lada
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