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Contra: Rogue Corps Is Pretty Fun As A Twin-Stick Shooter, Once You Put Aside Your Preconceptions

By Alistair . July 25, 2019 . 4:00pm

Contra: Rogue Corps may not be a stalwart defender of the genre the series has come to be known for, but it’s still worth a fair shake, at least from the gameplay demo at ACGHK 2019.

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Contra: Rogue Corps Gets An Alternate Trailer Titled ‘Red Band’

By Alistair . June 22, 2019 . 5:30pm

Konami has released a new version of Contra: Hard Corps’ E3 trailer. The new version of the trailer provides a look at some character artwork, which also reveals a few new details on the playable characters.

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Contra: Rogue Corps Producer On Making A Brand-New Game In The Classic Co-op Series

By Alistair . June 14, 2019 . 5:00pm

Director and producer Nobuya Nakazato, who has been working on the series since Contra III, gave an interview where he talked about bringing the series back in a new form with Contra: Rogue Corps.

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