Trine 2 isn’t all about puzzles; the first game had fun characters, too, all three of which are returning in Trine 2. Hearing the Zoya (thief), Pontius (knight) and Amadeus (wizard) talk to each other was the kind of thing that would constantly make you smile.


Frozenbyte recently gave a peek of little bits and pieces of conversations from the game to let fans know that Trine 2 is going to try to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps in that regard:


Zoya: Just imagine. No one in the world knows we’re out here.

Pontius: We know we’re here.

Amadeus: I probably should have left a note for my wife.

Pontius: Your wife must know you’re out saving the world!

Amadeus: She’ll get cross even if I did save the world. I was supposed to buy milk on my way home.


And another:


Amadeus: My dear Zoya, let’s huddle together for warmth!

Zoya: No thank you. I’m fine.

Pontius: I could cuddle you, but my steel plate is not that warm.


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