yos Last November Square Enix quietly brought a browser game to the Nintendo DS. Yosumin has players poke colored blocks on the touch screen to select corners for a rectangle. If all four corners are the same color you clear all of the tiles inside the rectangle. Each stage has a set number of tiles players need to clear to move on. It’s a fun little game to play and you can try it out too.


Yosumin DS adds a few features like a single player tower to climb. Since the core game can be played for free Square Enix sold Yosumin DS as a budget game in Japan. It looks like Square Enix will sell the game in North America too. Last week Square Enix registered a trademark for Yosumin! in the US Patent and Trademark office for use with video games. They dropped the “DS” part and added an exclamation point so this could just be for the web game, but if Square Enix wants to make any money with Yosumin you can bet they have plans to release the Nintendo DS game in the future.




Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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