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A Quick Guide To Getting Started With Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury


D3 Publisher are releasing Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury on Xbox Live Arcade today, 5,000 missiles onscreen at the same time and all. Like previous Bangai-O games, Missile Fury comes with a stage editor on top of the 100 or so levels that Treasure created for the game.


Once you’ve created a level, you can share it online over Xbox Live with people on your friends list. To commemorate the game’s release, D3 sent over a brief explanation of the controls, weapons, items and AI:





Left stick—move
Gravity will take effect when neutral.

RB —hover
Left Stick + RB—move slowly.



Right stick—Aim and Shoot

An enemy within Lock-on Area (the outer blue circle) is dealt a 2x power shot.

If enemy is within the Counter Area (inner yellow circle), it will be a 3x power shot.


LB—change weapons


A Button—toggle auto-shot"


Freeze Attack:


RT—Press while Left Stick is neutral to perform a Freeze Attack (uses 1 dash).

You are invincible while attacking. All enemies within the Counter Area (inner yellow circle) will freeze for a short period of time.

Hold RT to continue the attack.


RB—cancel the Freeze Attack.

The Dash Gauge will fully recover when you deal a counter attack, or 3 seconds after invincibility mode ends.


Dash Attack:


RT + Left Stick— Dash Attack (uses 1 dash on the Dash Gauge).

You are invincible while attacking.


RB—Cancel the Dash Attack.

Enemies or bullets that you hit will explode.

Hold RT to continue the attack.

The Dash Gauge will fully recover when you deal a counter attack, or 3 seconds after invincibility mode ends. The Dash Gauge will fully recover when you deal a counter attack, or 3 seconds after invincibility mode ends.


Counter Attack:


LT—Hold LT to charge (uses 1 EX on the EX Gauge), and release to shoot.
You become invincible until it charges up to 100.

If the Right stick is neutral it will shoot in all directions. Move the Right Stick to concentrate the attack in one direction.

Upon shooting, all enemy bullets within the Counter Area (inner yellow circle)
will disappear. The more enemies/bullets within the Counter Area, and enemies within the Lock-on Area (outer blue circle), the more shots you can fire.

The EX gauge will recover by obtaining fruits from defeated enemies.


LT (Hold) + RT (Press)—charge up a Counter Attack to add a multiplier (up to 4x) to the number of missiles released in the Counter


X Button—Activates Max Attack when the EX Gauge is more than 5. You become invincible at the cost of the EX (Counter Attack) gauge.

During Max Attack, normal shots and Counter Attacks will be upgraded to 4x the damage, and you gain the ability to deal infinite Dash Attacks.

Executing a Counter Attack during the Max Attack will result in a 4x missile multiplier, but will also end the Max Attack.

When the EX Gauge runs out, you are paralyzed for a brief period of time.



Normal Missile— Missile that flies straight.


Homing Missile— Missile that follows the lock-on target.


Bounce Laser—Laser that bounces off walls.  If it hits a wall outside the Lock-on Area (outer blue circle), it disappears.


Napalm Missile—Missile that deals explosive damage if it hits. The shot interval is long, but it has high attack power and wide range. Can only erase bullets at the moment of impact.


Break Missile— Cancels out enemy attacks. Short range. Disappears outside the Lock-on Area.


Fast Laser—Laser that fires rapidly


Wide Missile—Variation of the normal missile in which five missiles shoot at once in a spread formation.



Fruit: Appears when an enemy is defeated. Quality depends on the enemy strength and multiplier. The EX Gauge and HP Gauge will recover depending on type.


Life Item [E]: An item that recovers the player’s HP.  Life1 recovers 50 HP. Life2 recovers full HP.


Weapon Pickup:  An item to change weapons. Weapon will overwrite the current weapon.  Breaking a [?] weapon box will spawn a random weapon item.


V: An item that forces you to enter Invincible Dash Attack mode. Has wider attack range and higher attack power than normal Dash Attack."


HP Gauge: The player’s health. It’s game over when it reaches 0. Obtain Life Items and Fruits to recover health.


EX Gauge (Counter Attacks): The number of times you can use Counter Attacks and Counter Multipliers. Increases depending on enemies destroyed and type of fruit obtained.


Dash Gauge: The number of times you can use Dash or Freeze Attacks. Fully recovers 3 seconds after Dash Attack invincibility mode ends, or when dealing a Counter Attack."


Combo Gauge: The number of enemies destroyed in sequence. Higher combos get higher scores. Destroy the next enemy before the combo timer runs out to get a Combo. During the Counter Attack invincibility, the combo timer remains at MAX."


Score: Destroy enemies, Back Ground elements, and cancel out bullets to gain score points. Defeating an enemy will get you: [enemy score x enemy multiplier]. Destroying a BG element gains you the specific score for that type. Cancelling a bullet will add: [bullet score x bullet multiplier].


Time: Tracks time allowed to complete the level. When time runs out, game over.


Mini Map: You can check enemy, target and player locations on the Mini Map. The blue dot is the player, red is the target, and yellow is other enemies. Target enemies can also be tracked with the arrow to the sides of the screen.

The icon to the top or left of the Mini Map is the phase objective.
-Explosion icon: Objective is to defeat all enemies.
-Triangle icon: Objective is to destroy a specific target.
-Clock icon: displays the time until the phase is cleared.


Lock-on Area: The outer blue circle around the player is the Lock-on Area. Enemies in the area are locked-onto and become targets of homing/bounce shots.

If an enemy exists within the area, the shot is upgraded by 2x. The more lock-ons, the more Counter Attack shots.

If a Bounce Shot hits a wall outside the area, it disappears. If the player’s Break Shot goes outside the area, it disappears.


Counter Area: The inner yellow circle around the player is the Counter Area. The more powerful the enemies in the area, the more Counter Attacks shots.

If an enemy in the area can be locked-on to, the shot will be a 3x power shot.
Freeze Attacks will hit enemies and bullets within the area."


Invincibility: The circle icon above the Counter Area (inner yellow circle) represents Invincibility. This appears while in invincible mode during Dash, Freeze, and Counter Attacks.



Wait: An enemy with a sleeping icon is in WAIT status. Stays still and does nothing. Transitions to ACTIVE status if attacked or upon entering the player’s lock-on area.


Ready: An enemy with a question mark icon is in READY status. Stays still and does nothing. Transitions to ACTIVE status if attacked, or upon coming within range of the player’s view.


Active: An enemy with an exclamation mark icon is in ACTIVE status. Grounded enemies will attack upon coming within viewable range. Moving enemies will fly closer and attack if within shooting range.  Transitions to ANGRY status when their HP goes below 50%.


Angry: An enemy with an angry icon is in ANGRY status. Grounded and moving enemies will attack regardless of view. Once in ANGRY state, they do not usually change status.


Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury will set you back 800 Microsoft Points (that’s $10).

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