Nothing to get too excited about — just the usual trickle of information that publishers like to let out after the initial reveal, to keep the game fresh in people’s minds. Durarara: 3way Standoff features a new character named Yoshimune Miyoshi, a freshman at the school Mikado, Kida and Anri attend. Miyoshi — nicknamed “Yoshi Yoshi” — is the character you’ll be playing as, and is described as being a good listener with a bright personality. You’ll get to go to different places in Ikebukuro to talk to the various Durarara!! characters, and maybe even get well-acquainted with some of the them.


The in-game character art for 3way Standoff is being done at Brain’s Base — the studio producing the anime — and the scenario is being supervised by Ryohgo Narita, the author of the original light novels.


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