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Ace Attorney 4: Breaking the Half Million Mark


Gyakuten Saiban 4Capcom announced that Phoenix Wright 4 (aka Gyakuten Saiban 4) already sold over 500,000 copies since the game was released on April 12 in Japan. Worldwide shipments of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series have tallied to 2,000,000 copies. Considering the fan base established by the first three GBA games and their subsequent re-releases on the DS, it is not surprising the much anticipated latest installment has done so well.

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To commemorate the success, a TV segment called Gyakuten Saiban Mystery Theater would start airing in Japan from May 1st to 6th. This should give the audience a glimpse of some of the cases and a chance to test their puzzle solving skills. I wonder if the show would be fully voiced, like the special 8 minute trailer Capcom did for the DS promo during the TGS.  I was fortunate enough to get my copy two days ago and just finished the first chapter.  I am glad to say that the game is as exciting as ever and I will share with you my impressions shortly.