Development of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon has been completed, and Project Aces are now focusing on post-release downloadable content for the game.


DLC will include new fictional aircrafts such as the ASF-X Shinden II and CFA-44 Nosferatu, as well as real aircrafts like the Su-37 Terminator, Tornado GR.4, AV-8B Harrier II Plus, YF-23 Black Widow II, F-15S/MTD and Ka-50 Hokum. You can view screenshots for some of these below.


Namco say “loads more” DLC is planned for the months ahead, including new aircraft skins and new areas like Tokyo and Hawaii. They also mention that if you pre-order the game from “participating retailers,” you’ll get three free multiplayer skills at launch. The game is due out on October 11th in the U.S.


ASF-X Shinden II:


Tornado GR.4:


Su-37 Terminator:


Tokyo Map:


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