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Aero Porter And Weapon Rental Shop de Omasse, The Other Two Games In Guild01


Level 5 are finally giving us a better look at Aero Porter and Weapon Rental Shop de Omasse, the other two games in Guild 01, about which we didn’t know quite as much. Let’s start with Weapon Rental Shop de Omasse.


As previously reported, Weapon Rental Shop de Omasse is being developed by comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. You play as a boy named Yuhan, who serves as an apprentice under his master at a weapons store that is actually located in a fictional role-playing game named Wiko II.



Your job is to rent weapons out to people that visit your shop, as the title suggests. After you figure out what kind of weapon to create, you begin to forge the weapon, which is a process similar to rhythm games. You need to tap the touch screen to a beat, but also need to keep track of the heat you’re exposing the weapon to, while you forge it. Once you’re done, you get a weapon and are able to view it along with its stats:



Next up is Aero Porter (not Air Porter, as we previously referred to it as). Aero Porter is being developed by Seaman creator, Yoot Saito, who works at Vivarium Inc. Their name appears alongside Level 5’s as copyright text in the screenshots.


In Aero Porter, as previously detailed in our impressions, you control a luggage conveyer belt at an airport, and use it to direct luggage into planes. Bags and planes are colour-coded, and you need to use L and R to move luggage up and down, and send it into the plane of the appropriate colour.


Along the way, you earn money. This money can be used to expand your airport and get larger planes, which can carry more luggage.


Guild 01 will be released on May 17th for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Level 5 haven’t announced a North American release yet.

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