When indie developers turn to crowdfunding, it’s normally for a game that is in development for PC or across multiple platforms. It’s rarer to see an indie developer that turns to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo for a purely portable game, but that’s what Corecell are doing. They’re working on a side-scroller called AeternoBlade for the Nintendo 3DS, and say the game is inspired by Braid, Muramasa and Castlevania.



AeternoBlade features a neat time-travel feature that lets you rewind time and fix mistakes you’ve made. The game is nearly complete—Corecell say they’re 90% done, and are preparing to release the game in Japan. Where they do need help is acquiring funds for localization and an overseas release in the U.S. and Europe, and this is what their IndieGoGo campaign is for.


Once the stars align, AeternoBlade will be released as a download title via the Nintendo eShop.



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