After Almost 3 Years Of Work, The Digimon World Re:Digitize Fan Translation Is Out



The fan team that has been working on a translation of the PSP game Digimon World Re:Digitize has finally finished it up and released it into the wild.


You can download the patcher and patches on the project’s website. Do note that the team has acknowledged that there are some bugs when running the patch on PSP. “We have figured out the cause and a likely solution to the problem, and should have an updated version of the patch out in a day or two.  In the mean time, the game plays perfectly well on PPSSPP.”



The translation patch convers all names, titles, and in-game descriptions into English. However, what it doesn’t cover is the opening video due to “legal and technical reasons.”


“We are all extremely proud of our work,” writes Romsstar from the translation team. “In playing through the game, there were times when it was hard to remember that this was written by us, that we are the authors of those very same English phrases that you guys are about to read.”

Chris Priestman