Last week, European publisher, Ghostlight, went ahead and announced they were localizing Agarest Senki Zero in Europe and made a reference to U.S. publisher Aksys’s localization skills in their press release.


Aksys handle Agarest in North America, and yes, they’re localizing Agarest Senki Zero, too. While Ghostlight only announced plans to publish the PS3 version of the game, Aksys will be publishing Record of Agarest War Zero on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on retail discs sometime in Summer 2011.


Localization editor, Ben Bateman, had this to say about the game in the official press release:


"The portraits during conversations are now animated, which is nice, and the addition of a feature called, tentatively, ‘Free Intention’ allows you to explore towns and meet with members of your party, giving you more control over your relationship(s) with the ladies. Speaking of the ladies, as they grow fonder of you their clothes will change. Dressing like a nurse seems like an odd way to show your affection to me, but I’m not a woman on an adventure to save the world, so maybe I’m missing an important perspective.”


Record of Agarest War Zero introduces a card system with which you can customize Sieghart’s skills. The Xbox 360 version in Japan had extra content, which Aksys are including in the localized PS3 build as well.


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