Alchemy Stars x P5R Event Trailer Released

Alchemy stars X P5R

The crossover event between gacha strategy RPG Alchemy Stars and Persona 5 Royal opens soon. Level Infinite shared more details ahead of its July 14th opening date to detail the Alchemy Stars x P5R event’s structure and preview its crossover characters.

Check out the trailer below. It offers a look at how Phantom Thieves leader Joker will appear in-game.

The Alchemy Stars x P5R event “Heist Under a Moonlit Night” will add Phantom Thieves members Joker, Queen, Violet, Fox, and Mona to the game’s playable roster. Joker and Queen appear as 6-Star Aurorians with the Fire and Thunder attributes, respectively. Fox, Violet, and Mona are 5-Star units with the Water, Fire, and Forest attributes.

The official Twitter account also shared skill previews for the four of the Alchemy Stars x P5R crossover characters. Check them out in the gallery.

Other than Mona, who is available via login campaigns, the characters can be obtained through recruitment banners that go live alongside the Alchemy Stars x P5R event. Joker and Violet are on the Fool and Faith Collab Exclusive banner. Queen and Fox are on the Priestess and Emperor Collab Exclusive banner.

The event itself will have an “entirely unique” scenario, where player team up with Joker and Queen to discover the source of the Shadows plaguing Umbraton. The players will take on a bandit gang alongside the Phantom Thieves and “reclaim the lost heart of a kidnapped boy”.

The event and crossover characters also incorporate unique mechanics based on Persona 5 Royal‘s gameplay. P5R Aurorian skills can stack a “Exploiting Weakness” effect on enemies. And when the stack reaches 100, enemies are affected by the “Weak” status. Further, deploying a P5R character to the can also trigger a Special Skill that damages enemies. Finally, the Special Skill also triggers a unique attack animation based on Persona 5 Royal‘s “All-Out Attack” mechanic.

Alchemy Stars is available on iOS and Android. The P5R crossover event begins on July 14, 2022 and runs until August 3, 2022.

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