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Alice and Nebiros Cause Insta-Death in SMT V

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We’ve finally made it into the 200s for Atlus’ SMT V daily demon videos, with Alice and Nebiros starring in today’s two. While Nebiros has appeared in numerous Atlus games and series, Alice is perhaps one of the more famous ones due to her design and unique skill. In SMT V, Alice will appear as part of the Fiend race, while Nebiros will be part of the Fallen.

In her video, Alice demonstrates her repertoire of skills, which focus on inflicting status elements such as Sleep. She can also absorb her enemy’s MP with Spirit Drain. Her iconic skill “Die For Me!” has an Alice in Wonderland motif, with playing cards and a clock appearing as part of the animation.

Like Alice, Nebiros will fill the niche of a magic user in SMT V. In his brief teaser, he shows off Megidola and Mamudoon. The end of the video shows Nebiros politely negotiating his recruitment fee with the Nahobino, settling on 16,287 Macca. Whether that is a fair price or not will depend on how you build your team.

There are only ten demons left in the series, and we are also drawing ever closer to the release date for the game. Here are the previous 20 demons Atlus has revealed:

  1. Yaksini
  2. Amon
  3. Kaya-no-Hime
  4. Idun
  5. Valkyrie
  6. Mithras
  7. Ouyamatsumi
  8. Pyro Jack
  9. Koumokuten
  10. Poltergeist
  11. Shiki-Ouji
  12. Sudama
  13. Aeros
  14. Loki
  15. Chimera
  16. Sui-Ki
  17. Kodama
  18. Michael
  19. Maria
  20. Mara

Shin Megami Tensei V will come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 11 in Japan and November 12, 2021 worldwide.

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