Alice Gear Aegis Console Ports, Anime Announced

Alice Gear Aegis

Mecha musume mobile game Alice Gear Aegis is coming to consoles. Publisher Colopl announced the development during the game’s 4th Anniversary livestream event on January 21, 2022. The announcement was also confirmed via the official Twitter account.

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The announcement itself can be seen on the livestream archive at the 52-minute mark.

The tweet also included new art by Alice Gear Aegis character designer Fumikane Shimada. Shimada is famous for being at the forefront of the “mecha musume” boom of the early 2000s, when anime and games featured female characters wearing mechanical dresses or parts. Shimada contributed character designs to series like Sky Girls, Strike Witches, Busou Shinki, Kantai Collection, Frame Arms Girl, and to non-mecha musume titles like Fate/Grand Order (the character Galatea’s design). Items and costumes from the game made their way into Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation in 2020.

Though the announcement mentioned a 2022 release window for the console editions, it did not specify which platforms would be covered. Nor did it mention a chance of an English or international release. The same livestream also announced the production of an anime TV series based on Alice Gear Aegis. A teaser trailer was on hand to preview.

Alice Gear Aegis originally launched for mobile platforms in 2018 in Japan. It’s a sci-fi action game, where humanity is fighting a losing war against the interdimensional alien race “Weiss”. Weiss, being impervious to normal weapons, quickly defeated humankind, driving it to near extinction. Humanity survived by converting a shard of the moon into a massive colony ship and escaping the solar system. During the long exodus, scientists discovered “super-dimensional energy”, a mysterious power source that can only be manipulated by young women. Thus came the Alice Gear, a weapons system designed to allow its wearer to use super-dimensional energy to break past the Weiss’ defenses. Three centuries after the exodus, the anti-Weiss organization Aegis manages various “Actresses”, the job title of an Alice Gear wearer.

Alice Gear Aegis is available on mobile platforms in Japan, and will come to consoles in 2022.

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