All-Ages KiraKira Port And Higurashi Episode 5 Announced



An "all-ages" version of punk rock visual novel KiraKira by developer Overdrive will be available for download starting January 31 for 29.95 Euros. The story in the edited version will be identical to the original game with slight text alterations and no naughty bits.


When recently asked about the viability of reaching out to a broader audience via removal of sexual content from some of MangaGamer’s titles, localization editor EvoSpace told us, "I’m not sure about ‘reaching out to more people’ because in order to enjoy these titles, the customer / user needs to be of certain age anyway, and most of the time, the sex scenes are part of the story. At least in Japan, the all-age bishoujo visual novels never sell like the Adults-only equivalent (Unless its a big title like Little Busters!), and could even be a dangerous investment. As for the titles that already have an all age version, yes, it is possible to offer them in English along with the Adult version."


In addition, MangaGamer also confirmed a release date for another all-ages game — a standalone episode 5 of Higurashi When They Cry, starting February 28, priced at 19.95 Euros, with the remaining three chapters slated to release individually over the comings months.

Ishaan Sahdev
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