Alternate Universe Playbook Lets You Create Comics With Celeste and CrossCode Characters

Alternate Universe Playbook

A new indie title allows players to make visual novels using characters from other popular indie games. Alternate Universe Playbook features characters from Celeste and CrossCode, among others. Developed by Freebird Games, Alternate Universe Playbook allows players to make their own visual novels using a series of simple tools. The game comes loaded with a bunch of characters from indie games in a range of poses and expressions.

Many of the characters come from other titles developed by Freebird Games, such as Finding Paradise, Impostor Factory and To the Moon. Other indie developers also lent their characters, as the casts of Celeste, CrossCode, A Space for the Unbound and OneShot are also available. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to see Madeline from Celeste chatting to Niko from OneShot in an active volcano, this game lets you make that happen.

The game’s Steam page promises that more characters from other games will be added with time. They also promise custom tools to add your own assets. Alternate Universe Playbook has been released for free, as Freebird Games hope to build up a creative community. The team is also taking suggestions and feedback via the Steam forums or their Discord.

Alternate Universe Playbook is available now for Steam.

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