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An Introduction To The World Of Mega Man Legends 3


In  addition to announcing the next phase of the Mega Man Legends 3 fan collaboration, Capcom have also let slip some information on the world of Mega Man Legends.


The World of Mega Man Legends 3:


The world of Legends 3 is a world covered 90% by water. The exact cause of this global flooding isn’t known — it could be a result of war, or simply irregular weather patterns. Whatever the cause, the people of this world have adapted and established their lives on the islands that litter the vast oceans.


As mankind is often wont to do, the people of this world have also begun to investigate their ancient cultures through the exploration of numerous underground ruins situated on the islands. This is where “Diggers” come in.




Diggers are Mega Man Legends 3’s version of archaeologists. However, they aren’t entirely human. Due to the nature of their job, diggers have no reservations about mechanizing themselves. It isn’t uncommon at all to see at least one part of a digger’s body mechanized with a tool or weapon, such as a drill, to help with digging.


Diggers dig through the ancient ruins to uncover relics and clues that help piece together information on the civilizations of the past. While most diggers never set foot outside their hometowns, the more adventurous ones become “Air Pirates” and take to the skies, travelling the world. Legends 3 tells the story of these adventurous diggers.


The game itself takes place in Teomo City, located on Klickelan Island, populated primarily by diggers and their families. Initially uninhabited, Klickelan Island gained popularity once an underground ruin was discovered on it, and diggers and merchants converged together.


While the ruins were discovered hundreds of years ago, diggers and merchants to this day carry on the tradition started by their forefathers. Since these digger families have lived in the same city for about two generations now, they share a deep bond with each other and look out for one another.


Reaverbots and the Ancient Ruins:


This is just as well, because the job of a digger can get fairly dangerous. Exploring ancient ruins is no easy task, owing largely due to “Reaverbots” which serve as the ruins’ security systems. Due to this, diggers need to equip themselves with the proper tools and weapons for the job, which explains why they mechanize themselves.


Reaverbots serve another purpose, too. They contain within them the world’s only source of energy, known as “refractors.” Defeating Reaverbots allows diggers to obtain refractors from them, which makes face-offs against Reaverbots a standard part of digging.


One such example of these ruins has been mentioned by Mega Man Legends 3 director, Mazakazu Eguchi, in the past. During the Bonne Mech fan collaboration, Eguchi posted the above concept image of a ruin where you fight a Bonne family mech with Tron inside it as a boss encounter.

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