And now for something completely rare


Thought the HiSaturn Navi, a Hitachi manufactured Saturn/GPS combo, was rare? Think again. Think SEGA SGX. Now, try buying it from eBay for less than 1000$ and you might just become a happy collector. Failing that, and taking into consideration that e-bay auctions don’t last forever, let me tell you a bit about the SGX. Well, for starters, it was only released in Japan and was manufactured by SunSeibu. Also, it was (is, actually) an almost typical Sega Saturn, only featuring a 7-disc cd changer, coin-op functionality, sturdy metal casing, a button-heavy game-selecting front panel and a remote control. It’s main mission was to infiltrate Japanese hotels and make money. Sadly, no one really knows how it fared. Sadly. Anyway, for further and detailed info, do visit this place and learn everything there is to this obscure piece of Sega-kit.