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Annie From Skullgirls Gets An Indivisible Makeover



Lab Zero Games has revealed how Annie from Skullgirls will look when she appears in the studio’s upcoming RPG Indivisible. You can see a comparison above (Skullgirls on the left, Indivisible on the right).


With that, Lab Zero has shown off all the artwork for Indivisible’s guest characters as you can see in the image below, which also shows how they scale up in the game:


But that’s not all. As Indivisible’s Indiegogo campaign continues to reach new funding goals, more Incarnations are being revealed. The latest of those is the shaman Tatanka.


“A shaman renowned for his passionate drumming which brought forth departed spirits, Tatanka’s life was forever changed by a simple errand boy. Mistaking his nameplate for that of the Great Warlock Tanaka who lived next door, the hasty courier delivered the wrong package of mystical ingredients – with disastrous results.

Attempting to summon the spirit of his next client’s dead wife, Tatanka instead called forth an ancient spirit of mysterious origin. Though the two have since forged an uneasy alliance, neither is happy with the current state of affairs. Unable to rid himself of the irritating specter alone, Tatanka travels the world seeking an exorcist skilled enough to sever the bond.”

Chris Priestman