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Apex Rathalos to Appear in Monster Hunter Rise Free Title Update

Apex Rathalos Monster Hunter Rise

The Apex Rathalos will appear in the scheduled Free Title Update for Monster Hunter Rise in April. This monster will appear alongside the Chameleos as part of the upcoming update. This fearsome version of the already iconic Rathalos will be reserved for the Rampage Mode available in Monster Hunter Rise. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The upcoming Free Title Update will add several monsters to the roster of Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom previously revealed the Chameleos, though they have yet to share further additions outside of the Apex Rathalos. Additionally, a future update will wrap up the story of Monster Hunter Rise. Players can expect the first Free Title Update to appear sometime near the end of April 2021.

Additionally, with the upcoming April update, the cap for the Hunter Rank will be removed. The schedule for the second upcoming Free Title Update will be revealed at a later date. This will also add more monsters into the game.

The Apex monsters, such as the Apex Rathalos, return in Monster Hunter Rise as additions to Rampage Mode. Players can engage in a tower defense style mode to take on hoards of monsters to defend Kamura village.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC version will appear sometime in early 2022. The first Free Title Update will arrive sometime in April 2021.

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