Koei Tecmo have announced a release date for Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star in the West. The game will be released on July 2nd in North America and July 1st in Europe for PlayStation Vita.


Ar nosurge Plus is an enhanced version of Ar nosurge, with new costumes, new “purification” partners, and some DLC from the original release. Here’s a rundown of the new features in the game:


New Costumes

· New costumes for the four main characters (Delta, Earthes, Casty, and Ion)

· Beat the game to unlock even more costumes for the above four characters

· New “Purification” costumes for the additional characters

-New “Purification” Partners

· Sarly, Nelo, and Shurelia can be selected as conversation partners during Purification.


DLC Additions

· Some DLC available from the previous version comes pre-loaded!


Updates and Balancing

· Full featured tutorial

· Synthesis Shop Events viewable from menu


Ar noSurge Plus will be released as a download title in both North America and Europe.



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