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Arc System Works Explains Changes Made To Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive I-No

The latest Famitsu issue has new coverage marking the launch of Guilty Gear Strive. This includes an interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari and Akira Katano from Arc System Works. In the interview, Ishiwatari and Katano explained the reasoning behind a lot of changes made in the fighting game series’ latest title. [Thanks, Ryokutya.]

Here are some highlights from Famitsu‘s latest interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari and Akira Katano:

  • “(We renewed everything because) when we created extensions up until now, it was difficult for a new player base to get in. We are also aware of the global market trailblazing.”
  • “In the current situation, the development costs go up while the user count goes down. We want to have many people recognize the Guilty Gear brand and play the game.”
  • “Another reason for that is because we wanted to make a drastic change somewhere.”
  • I-No‘s design becoming more obedient is not censorship. We changed the presentation to have even more people play as her.”
  • “The combo amount is reduced, but that also makes short-ending combos perform more.”
  • “We understand that there are pros and cons, but we also removed common techniques. So people from all layers can stand on the same starting line.”
  • “Not including Venom on launch was a decision that required bravery.”
  • “The DLC will have a good ratio between new and existing characters.”

A particular point in the interview came with the mentioning of Venom, a recurring series character who appeared from Guilty Gear X to the Xrd series. Although the starting roster of Xrd‘s first title Sign included Venom, he did not make it into the Strive launch roster. Arc System Works has yet to officially name any of the five DLC characters that will join Guilty Gear Strive through the first season pass.

Guilty Gear Strive will officially launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on June 11, 2021. Players who purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition can play the game immediately through early access.

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