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Arcade Archives Saint Dragon Will Blast Its Way Onto Consoles This Week

Saint Dragon

Arcade Archives Saint Dragon is set to blast its way onto the Nintendo Switch eShop and PlayStation Store on February 6, 2020. It is the latest in the ever-growing long line of retro re-releases from Hamster. It follows in the mighty footsteps of Arcade Archives Tecmo Bowl, which launched for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 last week.

In Arcade Archives Saint Dragon, you aren’t just facing monsters. You’re pitted against cybernetic monsters out to cause trouble for the world. Fortunately, you have a mechanical friend of your own, the titular Saint Dragon. As you ride on your cybernetic friend through the game’s five levels, you have a chance to grab upgrades and fight back.

The original Saint Dragon was released in 1989 from Jaleco and was developed by NMK. This horizontally scrolling shoot ‘em up only needs one button to be played. Saint Dragon is similar to R-Type in execution, right down to both having a level consisting solely of a gigantic warship.

A PC Engine port, which was known as Tenseiryuu: Saint Dragon, appeared in 1990. It was followed several home computer versions, all with various degrees of graphical compromise. With the Arcade Archives Saint Dragon release, people get one based on the arcade version that includes save states.

Saint Dragon will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 starting February 6, 2020.

Brian Cooper
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